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25 mayo, 2021
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Apparently the BMW It has a lot to say and today is the day to talk about this great brand, only this time we take a leap from vintage to totally futuristic. BMW just introduced in CES 2016 Las Vegas prototype BMW Motorrad Vision Head-up Display helmet.

It is not a technology that has just come out, because we may find something on the market, but never before something that was manufactured by one of the great motorcycle brands. And it is that BMW makes it clear that it can perfectly make use of the augmented reality technology that years ago it implemented in its cars, but this time to develop a helmet that looks like something out of a futuristic fictional movie.

The helmet with Head-Up Display technology has a built-in GPS, it also displays information through the screen, information such as the speed at which you are rolling, the gear engaged, recognition by signals, the incoming of calls through the communication system or indications of browser so as not to have to lose sight of what is happening around us, between us. It also has a rear view camera to offer more information to the pilot.


The project is still conceptual, but he hopes to be able to reproduce them soon to bring them to the market.

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