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24 mayo, 2021
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It is true that in the market there are not as many options of clothing and accessories for women bikers as there are for the rest of the public, but we are not in crisis either. Actually if we search a little we can find some select clothes. Among them and very important is the helmet, the helmet is a very important accessory that we cannot do without, regardless of gender. There are several brands that are aware of the limited variety of helmet designs for biker girls and have developed their own line inspired by the feminine side of the biker world.

We leave here some very nice examples of helmets for biker girls:


Halley EVO has in the market a basic helmet with vintage style for motorcycle of Hello Kitty. It should be mentioned that this helmet only applies for small distances on electric motorcycles or small scooters.

It is on sale at around $ 62.56


Harley davidson offers the female market this classic helmet, with a very clean design line that is still feminine.

It is for sale at $ 185


Icon Armada has for sale the Sweet dreams that meets the quality standards without forgetting that it will be used by a girl.

It is on sale for around $ 280.

bell 1

Bell has a very clean line that can even be used for both sexes, for example the Bell Bullitt TT

It is for sale at $ 400


Now that if you are looking for something very sophisticated, with a high level of technology implemented, this is the C3 Pro from Chuberth that has implemented the revolutionary SRC-System PRO.

Which is compatible with Apple.

It is for sale at $ 769

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