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Historic Prado doublet in Xanadú-Arroyomolinos

30 mayo, 2021
Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Spain

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Jorge Prado has been awarded the final victory in the MXGP Spain, the twelfth chapter of MXGP and MX2 World Championship 2020, after clearly winning the two rounds played this Sunday in the circuit built around the shopping center Intu Xanadu, in the municipality of Arroyomolinos, in Madrid, and relaunches his options for the title of World Champion of the queen class in his debut season. Tim gajser, the top class leader, and Romain Febvre they have accompanied him on the scratch podium.

On MX2, Tom Vialle Y Jago Geerts victories have been shared. Again, draws between the two main candidates but with the first a little more leader.

Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Spain 3

A week after stepping on the sand for the third and last time Circuit Citta di Mantova, managed by the Moto Club Mantovano, the MXGP and MX2 World Championship 2020 He has packed his bags to visit our country for the first and only time this season.

To be exact, the caravan of top competition drivers and teams FIM of the specialty has been installed just 22 kilometers from Madrid, in the vicinity of the shopping center Intu Xanadu, in the municipality of Arroyomolinos; in a layout designed and built uniquely and specifically for this MXGP Spain 2020.

No one could imagine that a whole MXGP Grand Prix in such an emblematic place and just a few minutes from the big cities of the Madrid’s community. A perfect plan for the weekend with leisure, restaurants, fashion and a lot of motocross.

The European Motocross Championship 125 (EMX125) and the Motocross World Championship (WMX) have been the perfect opening act for MX2 (for 250 cc motorcycles) and MXGP (for 450 cc machines).

Participants and organization have scrupulously complied with the security measures and the protocol set by the homeland authorities for the Covid-19 and everything has passed normally.

The organization, hand in hand with the RFME and the FMMHe has done a great job and the race has been to everyone’s liking. In fact, he has had the help of one of the best national riders of the moment but who, due to a serious injury, cannot be on the track. Iker Larrañaga He has given them good advice and has done his bit so that this event is remembered.

By the way, up to 23 Spaniards have participated in this MXGP Spain 2020 in categories MXGP, MX2, EMX125 Y EMX250. Jorge Prado, Jose Antonio Butron or Ander Valentine on MXGP; Ruben Fernandez or Yago Martinez on MX2, our RFME MX Junior Team formed by David braceras, Guillem Farrés Y Gerard congost on EMX125 Y Oriol Oliver, Samuel Nilsson or Mario lucas on EMX250.

Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Spain 1

MXGP: First 1-1 of Prado in the queen class

Jorge Prado he continues to burn stages at an incredible speed and no one disputes that the Lugo player will undoubtedly be one of the great protagonists of the top class in the next decade. And it is that in this his first year in the queen category that of KTM you know what it is to win a race, to be the best of the weekend in MXGP and win a GP after achieving a spectacular and forceful 1-1.

Well, the latter has been achieved by the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team this Sunday for the first time in his meteoric and still incipient sports career in the maximum class of the FIM. The BiChampion of the MX2 World I wanted to be the protagonist in the GP at home, and let’s go if it has been… and twice !!

In the initial series, Prado has been imposed on Romain Febvre Y Tim gajser, by more than seven and nine seconds apart, while in the second round, the Spaniard has beaten these same protagonists, although in interchanged positions, by more than four and seventeen seconds.

After this MXGP Spain won with authority by Prado, the Spaniard remains fourth overall, but now only five points behind third-placed, Jeremy seewer. Gajser continues one more GP at the top of the table with 441 points; 24 more than Antonio Cairoli and 45 more than Seewer when there are 6 episodes (12 sleeves) to be played yet. In other words, there is plenty of time for Prado to continue making us dream of the title.

Jose Butron, for its part, it garnered a sixteenth and eighteenth place, respectively. Of course, in the table he already accumulates 21 points. Ander Valentine, on his return to the top competition FIMOn the other hand, he finished nineteenth in both series and has four points in the provisional.

Jeffrey Herlings KTM 450 SX F 2020

Herlings won’t be back until 2021

The star of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Jeffrey Herlings you will miss the remaining seven rounds of the MXGP World Cup 2020, as confirmed by his team. The 25-year-old Dutchman has already healed from neck and upper back problems that occurred as a result of his accident during free practice at the MXGP Citta di Faenza held in the Monte Coralli Circuit in Italy last month. However, he and his team have decided to ‘sacrifice’ what is left of 2020 (the championship ends on November 8) to be 100% next year.

One of the causes that led him to fall into Faenza were the problems that dragged on the right foot. Hence, the former Champion, winner of four rounds this year, has decided to undergo a small intervention to eliminate excess bone growth and repair the scar tissue in said foot next Thursday. October 15th.

Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX F 2020 Spain

MX2: ‘Tie’ between Vialle and Geerts, but the leader is more leader

As for the silver division, again the distribution of victories between the two highest contenders for the final victory: the French Tom Vialle, the category leader, and the Belgian Jago Geerts, the current second classified in the provisional.

However, on this occasion, the second did not match the results of the first (being fifth in the initial race). Hence, despite tying the sleeves, Vialle not only returned home with an even wider and more comfortable mattress of points, but also reinforces and consolidates even more if possible his leadership in MX2. Not surprisingly, he already leads Geerts by 52 points (more than two races).

The one with Red Bull KTM won the first series of the day, ahead of Thomas Kjier Olsen, second, and Jed beaton. In the second, on the other hand, after Geerts and Vialle himself he qualified Roan van de Moosdijk.

Our two representatives in the running here, Ruben Fernandez Y Yago Martinez, they were unlucky in the opening round and finished in 25th and 22nd place, respectively. In the second race today Sunday, on the other hand, Fernández stroked the podium at the end of fourth, while his partner in the Yamaha Ausió he repeated again in the twenty-second position.

Fernández, yes, remains within the ‘Top10’ with a total of 226 points; just eight out of ninth place.

The following quote from World MXGP and MX2 2020 will arrive next weekend with the dispute of the MXGP Flanders on Lommel, Belgium.

Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Spain 2

Classifications MXGP Spain 2020

First MXGP Race

1. Jorge PRADO (KTM), 34: 13.277 seconds

2. Romain FEBVRE (Kawasaki), 7.125 seconds

3. Tim GAJSER (Honda), 9.513 seconds

4. Clement DESALLE (Kawasaki), at 16,409 seconds

5. Glenn COLDENHOFF (GasGas), at 17.950 seconds

16. José BUTRÓN (KTM), at 1: 26.025 seconds

19. Ander VALENTÍN (Husqvarna), at 1: 42.226 seconds

Second MXGP Race

1. Jorge PRADO (KTM), 34: 32.685 seconds

2. Tim GAJSER (Honda), at 4.455 seconds

3. Romain FEBVRE (Kawasaki), 17,405 seconds

4. Glenn COLDENHOFF (GasGas), at 21.940 seconds

5. Jeremy SEEWER (Yamaha), 27.027 seconds

18. José BUTRÓN (KTM), at 1: 48.468 seconds

19. Ander VALENTÍN (Husqvarna), 1 lap

Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX F 2020 Spain 3

First Race MX2

1. Tom VIALLE (KTM), 34: 50.753 seconds

2. Thomas Kjer OLSEN (Husqvarna), 1,273 seconds behind

3. Jed BEATON (Husqvarna), at 3,830 seconds

4. Conrad MEWSE (KTM), at 14,347 seconds

5. Jago GEERTS (Yamaha), at 18,546 seconds

22. Yago MARTÍNEZ (Yamaha), 1 lap

25. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), 17 laps

Second Race MX2

1. Jago GEERTS (Yamaha), 35: 11.576 seconds

2. Tom VIALLE (KTM), at 8,515 seconds

3. Roan VAN DE MOOSDIJK (Kawasaki), at 15.395 seconds

4. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), at 19.349 seconds

5. Maxime RENAUX (Yamaha), at 23.613 seconds

22. Yago MARTÍNEZ (Yamaha), 1 lap

MXGP Spain

That’s how it goes…

MXGP World Cup 2020

1. Tim GAJSER (Honda), 441 points

2. Antonio CAIROLI (KTM), 417 points

3. Jeremy SEEWER (Yamaha), 396 points

4. Jorge PRADO (KTM), 391 points

5. Glenn COLDENHOFF (GasGas), 375 points

30. Jose BUTRON (KTM), 21 points

39. Ander VALENTÍN (Husqvarna), 4 points

Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX F 2020 Spain 1

World MX2 2020

1. Tom VIALLE (KTM), 525 points

2. Jago GEERTS (Yamaha), 473 points

3. Jed BEATON (Husqvarna), 379 points

4. Maxime RENAUX (Yamaha), 372 points

5. Thomas Kjer OLSEN (Husqvarna), 347 points

10. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), 226 points

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