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Honda CB 500 X test, sweet balance

25 mayo, 2021
portada cb 500 x

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His behavior is smooth and easy. Intended for the use of all audiences, we could not highlight its lows, nor its highs, but we could say that the Honda CB 500 X has a full media that make it a really motorcycle usable for everything and everyone being able to move this CB 500 X with agility, dexterity and power no scares on the road with an improved sound compared to its predecessor with a certain sporty character.

Without a doubt it is a pleasant engine that will make you have a good time no dangers lurking. Able to find the high rpm with ease, the twin gives you enough performance to move like a fish in water in the city, without worrying about the road including long-distance trips and treading those inaccessible roads for its sisters ¨on road¨

Its six-speed gearbox is nice, smooth, and accurate. United, as we find in its older road sisters – CBR 1000 RR – to an assisted slipper clutch that makes it easier for us to shift up and that also manages the locking of the rear wheel in sudden changes.

Honda CB 500 X cycle part

The latest version of the CB 500 X model comes with major changes in its suspensions, with certain changes in its chassis and brakes. It also has a new front wheel size leaving behind 17¨ to welcome a 19¨ that bring her closer to her new Trail identity.

Let’s start with the suspension where Sling now ride one fork adjustable in preload with 10 mm more travel compared to its predecessor and a more off-road feel that, together with the new size of the front rim, make it a much better Trail than the previous version. At the beginning of its route it is somewhat softer to be done in the best possible way with the uneven terrain.

As for the back, the The shock absorber, also adjustable in preload, now has 17 mm more travel going to 135 mm in total. With this change, the height of the seat now go to 830 mm but that together with a different, narrower design makes it accessible to all audiences.

The chassis is based on the previous model but geometries and heights have been retouched, to adopt its new Trail spirit. The diamond-shaped structure and its steel tube material remain the same but now has a steering angle with three more degrees.

The condition position has also changed for the better thanks to the new handlebars, offering us a more natural and relaxed position, allowing the rider to move at will without any problem.

Regarding brakes the X version lags behind its sisters the F or CBR 500R with a front disc 10mm smaller in diameter. Although we believe that for Trail use this is normal since in off-road terrain immediate braking power is not exactly needed.

The bike slows down, but it is true that you have to apply yourself if you go strong. And with applying I say to press hard and hold. Your rear brake does the job but we find an ABS that cannot be disconnected and this would be the “stain” in the design of a motorcycle that has improved its use off the roads.

Except for this last point, Honda has hit the mark with all these changes going directly to the attack to take this X version to a more off-road terrain.

All this translates into a better behavior on the tracks and although, a priori, we might think that on asphalt its behavior has been affected, the truth is that the bike is doing well, very well. Once you get used to that first softer ride, the bike has support, feeling the sensation of control at all times.

At no time, even braking hard, have we found the travel stops and you can always find a sense of security that will allow you to lie down a little more by finding the footrest as a warning.

hondacb500 4

Behavior of the Honda CB 500 X

At this point we have already revealed much of the behavior of the CB 500 X, but it does not hurt to relive the sensations that this bike gives off.

When you ride for the first time, you find a motorcycle that looks more than it really is. And it is that his optical volume can lead us to think that he plays in the big league. Once the hands are placed on the cuffs, we can find that everything is in its proper place with a touch of quality as it could not be otherwise coming from the brand with the golden wings. The display has a LCD screen that depending on the light, there are times that it is difficult to see. Among other data, it has a greased gear indicator plus everything you can expect on a normal motorcycle. Your lighting Full LED, in addition to giving a more premium touch to the set, it makes this motorcycle a safer motorcycle both to see and to be seen.

hondacb500 5

Once underway, the efforts made by Honda to centralize the heaviest parts of the assembly are noticeable, making the driving be much more easy and enjoyable.

When engaging gears we notice a smooth and direct change with a very efficient engine response at any rev range.

Its windshield protects us very well from the wind, thus providing us with extra comfort to that already found in its neutral seat / handlebar position. On curvy road we have a motorcycle fun, easy and agile. Riding with the help of its rather high wide handlebar we are able to make quick changes of direction and powerful lunges with a minimum degree of difficulty.

We could do little, but on tracks the bike feels comfortable, its suspensions attached to the 19¨ front tire they give you permission to do your first steps with the inconvenience that the rear ABS cannot be switched off.

And the fact is that the CB 500 X is on your side from the moment you get on it until you get off. In short, the bike behavior is perfect for someone who starts and we can say that this is a quality and very versatile school bike.

Honda CB 500 X review

As far as aesthetics are concerned, we all know that it is something very personal, but some general parameters guide us and we can say whate this CB 500 X 2019 is well above design than the previous one. Their lines are clearly inspired by its older sister – the Africa Twin-Giving it an aggressive and adventurous touch at the same time, being a little more elegant.

In behavior we have found a motorcycle for everything. Little lazy and who wants to drive at all times including the day to day of a big city. A worthy competitor to large scooters that offers a lot in the breech in return.

And finally, we can say that its quality / price ratio is up to par and we see in it a super sales focused on those who have just taken the permission A2, but also for someone experienced wanting something multifaceted and inexpensive.

Honda CB 500 X

Full Led both in the pilot As the lighthouse striker and his flashing, its lighting is very good both to see and to let us see.

Honda CB 500 X

Telescopic fork with bars of 41 mm Y 140mm of travel adjustable in preload.

In the back it has a shock absorber with 5 position adjustable preload and 135mm of travel

Honda CB 500 X

On the front it has a 310mm disc diameter with two-piston calipers and at the rear a disc of 240 mm with a single piston caliper. With ABS in braking assistance.

Honda CB 500 X

Twin cylinder in cubic line 471 cc and yields 46 hp maximum power. Its maximum torque is found at 6,500 rpm with 43 Nm. It has electronic injection and its cooling is liquid.

Honda CB 500 X

The 2019 CB 500 X features a screen 100% digital new from LCD with current gear and upshift indicator. On the left side is housed its rev counter, trying in the middle of the clock the gear in which the gearbox is located and next to it, on the right side we can find the generously sized digital speedometer and the different long, long neutral signals. reservation, etc

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

Honda CB 500 X

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