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Honda CB 500F 2021: An indefatigable naked motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021
honda cb500f 2021 1

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The Honda CB 500F was launched in 2003 along with the CB 500X and CBR 500R. The concept remains faithful to these first versions with a two-cylinder engine in parallel with a simple and light chassis in which versatility was sought and that was adapted to most of the tastes of less expert motorists. In addition, it was sought to be a motorcycle with very contained maintenance costs, low consumption and tireless for daily use and weekend leisure.

In 2019 the entire range underwent a thorough revision, on the one hand aesthetic and on the other technical with many improvements in the engine that is the one that has reached this version 2021.

Honda CB 500F 2021

All the instrumentation of the Honda CB 500F is completely digital, with an LCD screen with a recommended gear change indicator and gear position, in addition to all the essential information for driving, and its lighting system is completely LED.

Chassis and suspensions of the Honda CB 500F 2021

Sling did not want to make great technical boasts for your CB 500F in terms of chassis and suspensions. In the market you will find much more sophisticated motorcycles, but if there is one thing that the “golden wing” motorcycles stand out, it is that they always go well and are very balanced. It is clear that for a motorcycle with the characteristics of the CB 500F with a conventional diamond-type chassis in steel tubes, with the engine as a structural element, and a conventional and quality fork, it is more than enough. Everything fits perfectly and everything in it is balance, because the elements are of a high quality.

The Honda CB 500F stands out mainly for its studied weight distribution (The total weight of the motorcycle is 189 kg.) and for its good relationship between steering speed (in the city or cornering area) and stability on the road or highway. The 1,140 mm wheelbase. It is one of its keys, as well as the height of the seat to the ground of 785 mm. that will adapt to any size of man or woman. If you need a taller and taller bike in size, take a look at the CB 500X trail version.

Honda CB 500F 2021

The suspensions are adjustable in preload. The front fork has 41mm stanchions. diameter and 120 mm. of travel, with a setting that always goes well, use it in the city or on the highway. If you want a more sporty behavior you will have to take a look at the CBR 500R, with stiffer suspensions. The rear suspension, with a single-tube shock absorber, uses the same configuration as other high-displacement motorcycles and ensures a perfect connection of the rear tire with the asphalt.

The tires are 17 inches with widths of 3.5 in front and 4.5 in rear, with tires 120 / 70-17 at the front and 160 / 60-17 at the rear. The brakes have a large 320mm front disc (only one). in diameter that is complemented by another 240 mm rear. diameter.

Consumption below four liters per 100 kilometers

In normal use, you can remove the Honda CB 500F a consumption below four liters per 100 kilometers. The fuel tank has a capacity of about 17 liters, so you will have a range of about 480 kilometers.

The key to these consumptions is its engine, which is an evolution of the one launched in 2019 with the relevant improvements to exceed Euro 5. One of these advances was that the air filter box was redesigned, to improve its intake, to what had to be found a new location for the battery. The dual-outlet exhaust was another advance that was introduced in 2019.

The distribution chain Silent (SV chain) has a vanadium treatment on the surface of its pins, reducing friction and increasing protection against wear. The piston shape is based on that of the 2019 CBR1000RR Fireblade pistons to reduce noise at high rpm. Friction is reduced by incorporating grooves on the piston skirt (a finish that increases surface area by providing gaps in which oil can flow for better lubrication). As in the CBR1000RR, an AB1 salt bath process, applied after Isonite nitriding, forms a protective oxidation membrane.

The crankcase uses thin-walled centrifugal cast liners; its internal design reduces the “pump” losses that can occur with a 180º firing order. The oil pump has improved aeration efficiency, with reduced friction; a deep sump reduces oil movement in hard cornering and braking. The oil capacity is 3.2L.

The gearbox The CB500F’s six-speed gear is similar to its RR relative and uses the same structure for the selector arm and connecting mechanism. Incorporated in 2019, an assisted / slipper clutch makes it easy to upshift and smooth out hard downshifts.

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