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Honda CBR 650 R and CB 650 R 2019: A step forward

24 mayo, 2021
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One of the things that we also liked was the sound that, although somewhat hoarse and contained, sounded quite conducive. From my point of view it is a success, since it is at the right point where we will not receive complaints from pedestrians but we will be able to enjoy at least some “free” motorcycle sound.

The clutch actuation on this model has an outstanding feel, largely due to the new Clutch Assist, which coupled with the newly designed gearbox gears make up and down gears smooth and precise. In addition, the Honda Quick Shifter is added that allows us to go up gears without taking the clutch and works perfectly when we go high in laps.

Regarding the brakes, both models now have radial anchor calipers with 310mm floating discs in the front axle and maintain the 240mm diameter in the rear brake. They have ditched the “lob” of the records and now all have the classic smooth record look. They also mount newly designed wheels, which finishes finishing off a job that in our view has improved the bike in all aspects, both in design and performance.

They also ride a new LCD screen, with a reduced design that makes it fit perfectly in the naked version; but in terms of usability it was a bit difficult for us to quickly see the information displayed, having to spend a little more time looking until we found what we were looking for. The screen incorporates a programmable gear change warning at the revolutions we want -A white light appears on one side of the painting. Regarding the information shown, it indicates the gear in which we are going and the average and instantaneous consumption but we miss that it indicated the range of remaining kilometers that we can do with the available gasoline.

Regarding electronic aids, it has ABS in both trains and disconnectable traction control. It also incorporates an automatic emergency lighting system, which activates the 4 indicators during heavy braking, very useful in traffic or in the city.

The chassis has also undergone modifications and is now 2kg lighter, the connection points with the swingarm have been changed and the length of the subframe has been reduced – it is 60mm shorter.

In total both bikes have lost 6kg, the CB 650 R now weighs 202kg and the CBR 650 R stays at 207kg.

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This is how they behave

Both bikes are very easy to carry, and by easy we do not mean decaf. Its engine pushes, has a good braking and the suspensions allow to squeeze the whole without moving; They allow us to make corrections in the middle of a curve, tilt that added extra when we see some irregularity in the asphalt, change weight quickly, modify lines with ease … They are motorcycles that make you feel very comfortable from the first moment.

The engine has good lows and midrange, and it is from 7,000 revolutions where it delivers its full potential, feeling very elastic. It doesn’t have a “kick” as such but it does have enough power to amuse us; We could say that they are 95hp very well driven. We do not feel vibrations in the whole, although at 6,000 rpm just before entering the “good zone” if we notice some more vibration in the seat. The somewhat “hoarse” sound is nice and round, although it reveals that we are not facing a “tight” Super Sport –although looking at the CBR from the front it may seem otherwise-.

Brakes are perfect for the weight-power set, when we ride at a medium-high pace we have the power we need in hard braking and the feel is very solid.

The suspensions, although they are not adjustable, have a very good feel when we roll at medium-high speeds on secondary roads.Perhaps a bit harsh to the touch for city use but with these midway settings they will satisfy most users.

The change is very smooth and fast, with a very soft touch clutch; It costs nothing to squeeze the lever and it is also not necessary to use it to increase gears thanks to the Quick Shifter – yes to downshift. From 7,000 rpm the Quick Shifter works perfectly, it changes quickly and precisely to nothing that we raise the gear lever without cutting the throttle. At medium speed it works well and is very comfortable to drive without paying attention to the clutch; It is at low revs when it works worst and it is difficult for it to engage at times but it is not for the use for which it is intended, no matter how comfortable it is to always use it …

A detail that we did not like in the change was the iron lever, which together with the brake lever, gives a less performance motorcycle look. It is an unimportant aesthetic detail but it is a shame that with such a careful set, the levers give us a feeling of a less quality motorcycle than the rest of the set.

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CB 650 R: The definition of “Neo Retro”

With the idea of ​​attracting a younger audience, Honda has worked on the design of its CB 650 R to adapt it to the new “Neo Retro” and they have succeeded in a remarkable way. They have perfectly harmonized a classic and modern design that is sure to appeal to a wide range of ages.

At the aesthetic level there have been many changes, among which the new round “full led” headlight attached to the fairing stands out, which replaces the older, more angular and advanced one, thus going from a Street look to a Cafe Racer look. On the other hand, it does maintain the exhaust manifolds inspired by the CB400F that stand out on the side of the motorcycle compared to the previous model.

The driving position compared to last year’s model has been modified to make it a little sportier. The handlebars are now slightly further and lower than the previous model and the footpegs have been set back and raised slightly as well. The sensations when we get on it is a comfortable position with racing tints, that is to say, it allows us to be comfortable without tension in the arms but when we want to roll fast we also find an optimal position.

A naked of these characteristics could be the ideal naked, since brings together features and aesthetics that together with its reduced consumption –Declared average consumption of 4.9 l / 100km and spent 5.9 l / 100km on secondary roads with continuous acceleration and braking- and its price has few rivals.

It is available in four colors and has different accessories such as screen, heated grips, single-seater seat cowl and keel, among other accessories.

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CBR 650 R: Pre Fireblade

With the new CBR 650 R they have focused on achieving a racing aesthetic and they have succeeded, in a quick glance at the front it can be difficult to distinguish it from the Fireblade. The fairing and front optics are reminiscent of the aggressive aesthetics of the brand’s Super Sport models. The design of the fairing vents reveals the characteristic exhaust manifolds that give it an aesthetic touch and reminds us of which motorcycle it is from.

In this model, the driving position has been modified with respect to the CB to make it more sporty. The traditional handlebar has been replaced by semi-handlebars that place the hands further -47mm- and lower -101mm-. The position of the footpegs is the same on both bikes but they are high enough to convey a sporty riding position; In addition, at no time did we touch the warning devices even when tilting to the limit of the tire.

Another important change in this model is the intake, which increases the power at high speeds so that the “kick” at 7,000 rpm is felt a little more in this model, also noting more stretch of the engine while maintaining the power.

We miss a more aggressive tail with a less round brake light, but this is partly mitigated by the seat cover attachment that gives the rear a more racing look.

It is available in two colors, red and black and has different accessories such as heated grips, smoked racing screen, single seat cover, …

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They are medium-high performance motorcycles (higher than average), with an outstanding value for money. They behave very well on any road, they are manageable and easy to carry and give us more than enough sensations for the real use that we can do today on the road. All this coupled with a much improved aesthetics on both motorcycles, in which Honda has managed to capture the best of the top models in each of its categories. Post curl the curl could have made slight modifications in the suspensions and power curves of each model; put the softer suspensions and a lower power curve on the CB and work the reverse with the CBR. But with the bike as it comes As standard we have a range of capabilities and features that most users will be able to take advantage of and above all enjoy.

Honda CB 650 R

The careful design of the headlight with LED daytime running lights stands out in this new 2019 model. It also has side vents for cooling the lights.

Honda CB 650 R

The new 41mm Showa inverted fork works perfectly with the set. In the photo we can see the new 310mm discs with radial calipers.

Honda cbr

We like the new digital frame in terms of design but we are missing some more information and a little better visibility. While aesthetically it fits …

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