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Honda Integra, NC 750 X and NC 750 S 2016: prices and features

25 mayo, 2021
honda integra nc750x 2016

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Honda has presented its new 2016 Integra scooter and its NC 750 X and NC 750 S motorcycles, and we already have the technical data and their prices.

Price of the Honda Integra 2016: 9,349 euros

The Honda Integra is a scooter with many motorcycle characteristics, both in its driving modes with sequential change, and in the rear chain transmission system and engine centered on its frame. The novelties of its 2016 edition consist of its new optics with LEDs and an improved software for managing its sequential DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) gearbox.

Of the Integra 2016 it should be noted that there is a special edition with exclusive colors that increase the price by 200 euros. The Honda Integra has a 745 cc engine with an output of 54.8 hp. It is a scooter-motorcycle that can be driven with the A2 license.

Price of Honda NC 750X ABS: 7,649 euros

The Honda NC 750X also introduces some new features in its 2016 edition such as a renewed aesthetic, LED headlights and lights and a slightly higher screen (70 mm) to improve the comfort of the rider. The DCT shift management software, as in the case of the Integra, has been enhanced to cover a wide range of situations and driving styles. The front suspension is a new Showa with double valve that improves its behavior in both extension and compression.

Price of Honda NC 750S ABS: From 6,849 euros

Finally, the Honda NC 750S ABS is the most basic version of this range of motorcycles for the A2 and is highly oriented to all those who have needs for urban and interurban travel. Its price range starts at 6,849 euros, with normal manual transmission and ABS as standard (7,099 euros for the Special Edition, with exclusive decoration). The Honda NC 750S with DCT goes up to 7,649 euros and 7,899 euros if you ask for it Special Edition.

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