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Honda patents two road versions with the Africa Twin 1100 engine

23 mayo, 2021
Honda 1100 twin naked

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British colleagues at BikeSocial have discovered a patent for two motorcycles using the 1,084cc parallel twin of the Africa Twin 1100.

It is nothing new that Honda or any other brand uses their engines for more than one motorcycle to amortize the high costs of production and development. With the same base we have already seen that it is capable of launching up to three different models.

In these patents we can see two different chassis, both for road motorcycles, which use the twin engine of the Africa Twin.

One is the herringbone classic, with a simple folding cradle that could be used for a classic-style roadster.

Honda 1100 twin naked 1
Honda 1100 twin naked 4

And a multitubular

The other chassis is a Trellis type multitubular, which could belong to a sportier naked, as the tail also shows.

Honda 1100 twin naked 2

In the latter case, the engine could also have a more powerful version, not difficult at all in a modern 1100. In the case of the Africa Twin, a very homogeneous response is sought, with torque from below, but in a sports car, greater power could be sought. .

Honda 1100 twin naked 3

In both cases the same fork is shared, the swingarm and of course, the twin engine.

We’ll see if Honda surprises us with a new road bike shortly … or even two.

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