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Honda RC213V S 2016 the track bike for non-riders

24 mayo, 2021
honda RC213V 1e

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In this same month of July, at the Misano track in Italy, the Honda team and its riders Marc Marquez and Daniel Pedrosa tested the prototypes for the 2016 MotoGP, well, the street model is available on the official website of the motorcycle by reservation as it is a limited edition model, this model was unveiled at the EICMA in Italy last November.

There are differences between the models available for the United States (which would be the easiest to acquire in Mexico) and those for Europe, being mainly the rpm, the American model only reaches 9,400 rpm due to the noise limitations to which the companies, this is why they were forced to reduce engine revolutions until the motorcycle could pass the test for marketing. . . . On the other hand, the European model reaches 12,000 revolutions in its base model and they have the option of acquiring a kit to increase the power itself that raises the rpm to 14,000.

Honda argues that this motorcycle replicates the riding experience of the original racing model, and that the only limitation is in power. . . Since the two versions share 80% of the parts, some parts that are not shared would be the street parts, such as mirrors, directional lights, headlights, license plate holder and some parts of the exhaust system, elements that were quite difficult to find. implement since being a replica of a track bike, the space for these attachments was never considered by the design area in its racing version.

If someone was planning to acquire it first consider maintenance as it is a very advanced motorcycle, in this regard Honda says that there will be trained personnel in three designated distribution centers (in the United States), so before launching after this machine we recommend that you check these « designated distribution centers »since for the exclusiveness of the motorcycle, it does not seem reasonable to find you a manual online, although these days who knows.

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