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Honda RC30 owners are in luck

25 mayo, 2021
honda vfr750r rc30

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One of the most iconic and sought-after motorcycles by collectors is the Honda RC30. For one of them, very high prices are paid and their owners take care of them like a treasure.

Launched in 1987, the Honda RC30 It was a limited series motorcycle, destined for homologation for the SBK World Championship and in need of careful maintenance, which requires the regular replacement of some parts, including the engine, to always be in perfect condition.

Honda RC30

Honda does not forget the fans of the RC30 and has given them a cable, reissuing the main spare parts demanded by its owners, and in collaboration with the users of this iconic sports car, an updated maintenance program has been drawn up, for now, in its Honda Japan website, but hopefully it will also reach Europe:

“The members of the development team and the owners of RC30 have been primarily involved in reviewing the maintenance upgrade schedule and in defining the original parts that will be reproduced.

Original parts to be remanufactured are carefully selected based on customer and dealer requests, as well as parts expected to deteriorate within 30 years, or customary replacement parts, etc. We have been considering its manufacture, with the cooperation of the related departments of the company.

For customers who want an upgrade plan, we will take care of their vehicle in the newly established ‘Motorcycle Upgrade Center’ and a qualified mechanic will take care of it, always in top condition.

In addition, the original parts that will be reproduced for maintenance will be sold to customers, as well as the upgrade programs ”.

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