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Honda X-ADV, now with traction control and something more

25 mayo, 2021
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That the X-ADV has been a success and sales success is made clear by the 7,500 units sold in 2017. Even so, Honda has wanted to give it a new impetus with the adoption of the traction control and an engine that, like the NC family, now goes up to 7,500 rpm.

Just a year ago at the international presentation in Sardinia we discussed the need or not of a traction control in the X-ADV. The general opinion was that technically it was not necessary but that it would be a sales pitch.

Well the result is the new Selectable Torque Control, Torque control like Honda refers to a traction control, with two levels of intervention in addition to the possibility of disconnecting it. In the X-ADV we can control it from the button on the left, the same one inherited from MotoGP and mounted by other models of the brand.

As we have pointed out, the Honda X-ADV’s engine now goes up 900 rpm more than the previous version and the cut reaches us at 7,500 rpm. While underway, these extra laps are very grateful, especially in the first relationships and we no longer get to the cut as quickly as the previous version.

Another novelty of the Honda X-ADV is the G button, a function created for off-road use that modifies the operation of the DCT double clutch. The transmission of force to the rear wheel is more direct and we have more control of the rear axle.

What’s more Honda Expands X-ADV Color Palette with the incorporation of Candy Chromosphere Red (metallic red). And it also has an interesting 35 kW version, which when the time comes can easily be converted into a ‘full power’.

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The first contact with the renewed X-ADV was made in the international presentation together with the Africa Twin in Granada, an appointment as you know marked by the cold and the snow. It may seem little that the engine stretches 900 rpm more but the truth is that it is another world compared to its predecessor, both with the first gears, since we do not get to the cut as fast as before, and in longer relations when the engine is stretched more.

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The X-ADV’s traction control will always help on rainy days or on a slippery road. We on gravel, off-road driving, ended up removing it as it was too intrusive. In the same way, the G button gives you a more direct transmission and you control the rear wheel more when it skids.

In sum, the renewed Honda X-ADV presents more arguments to continue succeeding. As for the price, now it will cost 11,650 euros, 150 euros more than the original model.

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