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25 mayo, 2021
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Although very regrettable have been the chapters of conflict that we have lived throughout our existence, not everything is negative, because precisely the consequences that the periods of lack at the end of the wars have brought with them have been the inspiration of the birth of one of the most popular motorcycling concepts.

In the 1950s, Europe was trying to recover from the horrors and devastation of World War II. But just when the gasoline rationing in England was canceled, the young people of the time started a movement that would last until today.

Most young British people did not earn enough money to buy a new motorcycle, much less to buy a large engine. Most could only aspire to buy a utility motorcycle, even with everything, that motorcycle was already the first step to access the freedom of movement that allows your own vehicle and a new way of living.

These utility motorcycles were transformed to improve their performance and that is how the concept was born Cafe Racer.

The concept of Cafe racer was born in England in 1950, Its North American equivalent would be a Bobber or a Chopper.

It is a style of motorcycling and motorcycle popularized mainly by Rockers, who customized their motorcycles with small fairings, modifications to the chassis and footrests, exhaust pipes, tailpipes and general lightening of the machine, removing everything that was not necessary and placing special emphasis on speed and agility, leaving the comfort of your saddles in the background.


The term Cafe racer Specifically, it was used to name the motorcycle races that young motorcyclists did between coffee and coffee, while a song was playing on the jukebox of the exit cafe. The beginning of the song gave the starting signal and the participants had to reach the next reference cafe before the topic ended. They themselves built their motorcycles in their home garages in the most traditional and personal way.

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