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How to choose the best off road motorcycle gear for kids

25 mayo, 2021
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The best school of motorcycle driving for children it is off road. With the field motorcycle we will learn all the basic and advanced techniques for any specialty of motorcycling. But to practice this sport with safety and comfort we must choose the appropriate equipment. In collaboration with Moremoto Racing we are going to discover step by step which is the best equipment for the little ones.

Off road helmets for kids

The helmet must be suitable for the practice of motocross, enduro or trial. In the first two cases we will see that the chin guard is elongated to facilitate perspiration while protecting from possible impacts. In the case of trial A little less protection is worn, with a completely open helmet, since this specialty is not so exposed to finding elements thrown, for example, by other participants in a competition. In all cases, the helmet can be completed with protective glasses that prevent dust or insects from reaching our eyes. The glasses quality It will also be marked by the composition of your screen.

Fox V1 Off Road Kids Helmet

The helmet must always be of the suitable size for children, it should be tight without pressing and you should not skimp saying that “I buy it something bigger so that it lasts some more season.”

The helmet interior is usually removable for washing away dust and accumulated sweat. The helmet visor will help us to protect ourselves from the sun, and especially, from the branches that we usually find on some roads and paths.

The price range can start from 40 euros for the MT helmet line, a Spanish brand well known for its quality and price, to the most advanced Fox for 134 euros. In the case of trials, Moremoto recommends a WulfSport Trial for only 80 euros.

Off road boots for kids

Along with the helmet, the boots are the other essential element for the off road motorcycle, and especially for children. Boots must always be high-waisted, with shin protections, waterproof and that protect well from possible bends at the ankles and impacts on the toes of the feet.

Alpinestars Tech 7 off road boots for kids

Also, as in the case of helmets, a differentiation must be made between the boots for motocross, enduro or trial. In the first two specialties, the boots can be stiffer and must have a higher level of protection against twists and impacts. Good off-road motorcycle footwear should protect us, for example, when having to take our foot off the footrest while running at speed and withstand a possible impact against a rock or the trunk of a tree. In the case of trials, we will need the boot to have more flexibility and a greater grip on the sole with a softer lug.

Motocross or enduro boots can cost around 220 euros in the case of Alpinestars Tech 7. Something cheaper are these Axo Drone, for 107 euros .. If we talk about trial boots Moremoto recommends a Wulfsport Trial for 131 euros.

Interior protections for off road motorcycles

The off road for kids It is usually always carried out in very controlled conditions and with low displacement motorcycles that reach us too much speed. It does not usually involve too much danger for the integrity of the little ones, beyond twisting or minor blows. Depending on the level of exposure, the use of additional protections on chest and back, such as overalls or overalls that also protect the back. For motocross and enduro we see it highly recommended. In the case of trials, it must be considered that the use of these elements will somewhat limit the movements and comfort of our young rider.

AXO Air Cage Off Road Integral Bib for kids

If we decide to invest in a bib we can see some starting at 99 euros such as the Fox Proframe. In the case of a full-length bib we can spend about 124 euros, which is what the Fox Titan Sport costs. We find the integral Axo Air Cage very interesting for 66 euros.

Beyond the bibs, we can look for a collar with bib like the Fusion Leatt 2.0 for 305 euros. Regarding the use of standard collars, it will depend on the age and the use that is going to be given and here it is best to be advised by the specialists of specialized stores such as Moremoto.

Off road gloves for kids

Another essential element for the field motorcycle. A glove must give adequate protection to our motorcycles and, above all, touch and comfort during the enjoyment of our favorite sport. For motocross and enduro, more protection is needed, but it must be taken into account that this is combined with that offered by the lever covers or other safety elements that we will carry on our motorcycle. In the case of trials, touch is more than important and we can go a little more unprotected to improve at this point. Moremoto recommends its range of basic Airmatic gloves for children for 22 euros or something with more protection such as the Acerbis Adventure.

Airmatic off road gloves for kids

Always remember to choose the size well and that the glove should not press at any time on the extremities of the fingers.

Textile: Pants and T-shirts

Motocross and Enduro pants must offer protection and freedom of movement, while completely eliminating perspiration from our body. Good pants have protections in the most exposed areas such as knees and hips. We can complement this protection with knee pads soft and rigid-articulated. For enduro or motocross this Aplinestars Racer Braap for 70 euros is a good choice. For trials, fashion requires wearing a full lycra jumpsuit with protections, or looking for pants that are somewhat more flexible than the usual ones for enduro and motocross.

Alpinestars Racer Braap off road pants for kids

On knee pads, these MX Forte Junior for 30 euros offer adequate protection for normal situations. We will find the maximum protection in knees with these orthopedic POD K1 for children.

In the case of Tshirts the variety is huge. Always look for one that adapts to the child’s size, anticipating whether or not it will have an inner protection. Perspiration and some extra protection is the key. Also the shape and adjustment of the neck so that the movement of the wind does not hurt us.

Moremoto also offers equipment combos complete for children at more adjusted prices. You can check them on their website or stop by one of their establishments.

Finally we recommend that always carry equipment designed for motorcycles off road and never helmet or pants oriented towards the practice of other sports, for example like mountainbike.

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