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How to cross the train tracks on a motorcycle

25 mayo, 2021
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It is Friday and many bikers already have their next ride in mind, so for this weekend, we leave you some tips to cross the train tracks and other obstacles that could cause you problems.

Lines of train: As soon as the slightest drop of water or any other liquid falls on them, they become slippery, although in dry conditions they are quite rare. To be possible, the ideal is to pass them at an angle of 90 degrees or the closest according to the busy street:

cross-tracks-train-motorcycle cross-train-tracks

When it is not possible to achieve 90 degrees, the next option is to search for the pass at 45 degrees to still maintain a good margin of traction and safety.

You can also choose to move to a little less than 45 degrees, But unless there is a compelling reason and experience to do so, it is not worth raising the risk factor. When in doubt, the best thing is slow down and pass carefully, but never lowering the level of alertness about the environment.

Pronounced cracks and unevenness: Sometimes we go on the road and we run into cracks or unevenness that run parallel to our wheels. When it is not possible to avoid them and you have to move to the side passing over them, it is necessary to look for the crossing at 45 degrees, since a smaller angle can make us lose stability in the front wheel and lose course or balance.

Metal hemispheres: In the dry you will not have any complications, except if the motorcycle has little suspension travel, but very slippery when wet.

moto-hemispheres-method hemispheres-on-motorcycle

With very small tires, as in Scooters, it is better to be careful, since the smaller the diameter of the wheel, the less mass and inertia it will have in favor when passing; otherwise, with tires 17 inches up it is easier.

Seeks to put the front rim in the spaces that are made between each pair of hemispheres and you have to expect a slight slip towards one of the two sides but which immediately corrects itself with another slip towards the other direction.

Well, practice at the beginning, if you are afraid of falling, in an area with little traffic where there are hemispheres. You can slow down and pass with your legs down just in case at the start, until they gain more confidence.

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