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How to drive a motorcycle on ice or snow

25 mayo, 2021
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Still, in case I caught you on the road or you had no choice but to use your motorcycle on snow or ice there are a series of tips that can make safe driving more feasible.

Have experience is always a plus point. For future occasions we think that the training on gravel with an off-road motorcycle It gives us that security and removes the fear of possible sudden reactions from the motorcycle in the form of “skating”. Be calm, relaxed and fearless it is key to being able to drive on snow or ice.

Few people know it, but exist, there are motorcycle chains. So if you plan to use the motorcycle in these inclement weather, having a game stored in the top case can be of great help. Also mount winter tires It will help you avoid having such a bad time driving on snow or ice.

Otherwise, if it catches you by surprise, there are more rudimentary inventions such as tie thick cords or zip ties that connect the tire to the rim that will make it easier to move on the snow. Lower tire pressure or loosen the suspensions it could also help improve grip.

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Smooth speeds, drive in high gears, use the rear brake in the form of a rudder and also to stop the bike, forgetting about the front are some of the tips for driving on ice or snow.

Maintain a safe distance on all four sides is key so that, in the event of a fall, we do not see more vehicles involved and possible fatal injuries appear.

Follow the ruts of the vehicles that have preceded the road and looking for the “blackest” and least shiny asphalt is essential to keep traction problems and possible slipping at bay. Now more than ever, reading the asphalt is key in this situation.

These tips are mainly given in case I accidentally catch you, or if due to an emergency you had to go out with your motorcycle, but from moto1pro we appeal to common sense and responsibility advising that with snow or ice do not take the motorcycle, unless you are lucky enough to have one snowmobile.

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