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How to equip yourself for enduro and motocross

25 mayo, 2021
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By now, we know that you are perfectly aware of the importance of being well equipped when doing any offroad discipline, be it enduro or motocross. Right? Our own enjoyment depends on being well protected, and that is when we know that we are safe, everything flows more calmly and we can get the most out of our motorcycle.

There are areas of our body that can be a bit fragile and sensitive to shocks, and we are not going to discover anything if we now tell you that offroad is not exactly a delicate and not very rough sport, but rather the opposite. That is why it is essential to have quality equipment with which any mishap does not become anything that goes beyond being an anecdote.

Offroad equipment

Stones? Logs? Falls? Blows with our own motorcycle? Everything is possible. Let’s go over everything the market offers us to protect ourselves from head to toe, literally. From boots, which have a fundamental compromise between touch, comfort and safety, to the case, which protects our most precious asset. Take a look and take note of the most advanced equipment with which to enjoy your motorcycle offroad.

The boots, with the feet in a safe place

Boots are by far the ones that receive the most blows and the ones that get the worst treatment, that is why it is important to have quality boots to protect our feet. They must be hard and resistant, but also flexible to guarantee a good feel and handling of the motorcycle. And comfortable from the first moment, of course, since they will give little with the passage of time.
Today the industry has evolved to unsuspected levels. Luckily we can get offroad boots with advanced technology and innovative materials, capable of absorbing impacts and guaranteeing the safety of the ankle, without forgetting of course a reinforced metal toe cap.

Offroad equipment

Knee pads, where it hurts the most

If the boots protect us up to the high part of the shins, the next thing that should occupy our attention are knees, serious candidates for injury when we practice offroad. The joints can suffer significant injuries so it is essential that they are always well protected.
There are knee pads that are authentic works of engineering, those that offer protection for the patella, cruciate ligaments, and internal and external collaterals. Its four-axis joint prevents twisting of the knee, the main cause of injury on the offroad.

The bib, an all in one

Although you can opt for protectors of chest, back and arms, If you opt for a bib, you guarantee that all those areas are protected and in unison. It is true that it is not usual to see it in official pilots, but we recommend the use of integral offroad bibs since they protect the entire upper body.
A bib that provides elbow pads and lateral supports, as well as quick-release straps that provide a quick and secure fit. There are also those in which it is offered comprehensive protection with included elbow pads and adjustable belt.

Offroad equipment

Gloves, always at hand

Choosing a good glove is essential. It must not only protect, but must offer maximum comfort and touch, since what our motorcycle does depends on our hands. They must adapt perfectly to our hands and it is always good that they have non-slip materials on the fingertips for a better performance on the levers.
Good offroad gloves, which can also go with the clothes, that offer gel under the knuckles and phalanges to protect the joints in the event of a fall, they are a perfect option. In addition, its flexibility allows a great adaptation to the movement of our hands and ventilation and heat dissipation.

The clothes, handsome as well as protected

Choosing clothes, pants and a T-shirt, is a very personal matter, but a series of requirements must always be met. There are designs for all tastes and colors, but high-level technical clothing that offers protection and resistance to abrasion. It is also important that a good shirt and good offroad pants allow maximum perspiration, something basic when we ride a motorcycle and go offroad.

To improve comfort and prevent protections from rubbing on the skin, it is advisable to wear, in addition to pants and a t-shirt, some technical undergarment that is attached directly to our skin. So we will be much more comfortable.

Offroad equipment

Neckbrace, watch your neck

The effectiveness of the neckbrace has made it an increasingly present element in offroad practice. Can prevent from modular injuries in case of fall by preventing whiplash by protecting our cervicals.
A neckbrace with back and chest supports makes the protection much higher. With an optimal fit and great lightness, both safety and comfort are guaranteed from the first moment.

Glasses, vision and protection

The protection of our eyes is basic, especially also when doing offroad, where it is easy for dust, mud, stones or even branches to get to us. That is why our equipment cannot be missing some good protective glasses that guarantee our vision at all times.
In good glasses, lightness and a wide field of vision prevail. It is important that the fit with the helmet is as precise as possible, that the inner foam prevents the filtration of sweat and is comfortable, and if you also have spare parts, better than better.

Offroad equipment

Helmet, basic and fundamental

You already know that it is the most important element of our offroad equipment. The damages that we can suffer in the event of a fall are terrible if we do not use a helmet, and that is something that you are sure already clear about. The damage will be even less if it is a good helmet, and we will explain how to choose it.
When choosing the helmet, we will have to take into account the material from which it is made, weight and size, in addition to complying with the EU homologation requirements. It should neither be baggy nor tight. You will see that it is not always necessary to spend a fortune to have a good offroad helmet.
Choose a lightweight and comfortable helmet that offers a sliding visor and a good ventilation system. Also note that it has emergency cheek extractors and closing by Double-D, since it is the safest of all. A high-end, advanced technology offroad helmet that has a rotational shock absorption system allows the inner shell to slide in a multidirectional way to dissipate the energy of a rotational impact.

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