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How to get around roundabouts

24 mayo, 2021

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A few days ago we told you the little use that is given to the right lane in our country, a practice that affects both traffic and safety. Something similar happens with roundabouts. Something that should be simple and safe has become dangerous and hated by many drivers. In Spain there are more than 23,000 roundabouts. With so many distributed throughout our country, it is difficult not to come across one throughout the day. Still, it’s still a pending subject for most drivers.

Keep in mind that there are different types of roundabouts, but most are governed by the same basic rules. Despite being clear guidelines and not exactly difficult to comply with, there are still drivers who, for lack of knowledge or indifference, they continue to violate these rules that make it not only difficult to drive through roundabouts, but also dangerous.

A roundabout is still a circular path, usually of Multi-Lane, from Unique sense and with exits to the right, similar to any highway. On a highway or highway, do you take detours from the left lane, blocking the way and crossing the right lane? So why does it happen at roundabouts? There is not a day that does not have a scare in a roundabout and it is that those of us who ride motorcycles are extremely vulnerable in this situations. Any braking while we are making the roundabout, any unexpected turn or any strange movement can make us go to the ground. So I think we should take note and be aware of how to do it correctly, not only for us, but for those who circulate around us.

Access the roundabout

It is perhaps the most important moment to take into account, since It depends on how we get into the roundabout that we can then safely leave it and where we want. The first thing you should know is that you must give way to those who circulate within it, unless there are signs that indicate otherwise. If you have vehicles in front of you, don’t forget about themUntil they come out, you won’t be able to do it. Unfortunately you see too many ranges in roundabouts to look towards it, instead of the vehicles in front. If your intention is to leave the roundabout at the first exit, you must join from the right lane. If you are going to take other exits, you can join in both lanes.

Exit the roundabout

This is the most dangerous maneuver and where the greatest number of accidents occurs. You should know that circulating inside the roundabout, you have preference over those who want to join to her. The roundabout, always and I repeat, always, must be abandoned from the outside lane. It is logical, it is an exit from a highway like any other. If you have entered from the inside lane and you already know which exit you are going to take, you must get into the outside lane before leaving the roundabout. Both the lane change maneuver and leaving the roundabout, should be indicated with the blinker.

Take as a practical example a two-lane roundabout with four exits. We arrive with our motorcycle at the roundabout and we want to take the first exit. We must previously place ourselves in the right lane, since we will leave the roundabout immediately. We will enter the roundabout without crossing any lane and before leaving it, we will put the right turn signal to take the exit.

Now we are in the same roundabout, but we want to exit through the second exit, the third or even change direction. In this case we can access from both lanes. If we decide to enter from the right lane, we will circulate along this until we reach our exit, having preference over those who join and those who circulate in the inner lane. It is recommended to put the interior blinker to indicate that you will not leave through the first or second exit. In theory, this is the correct way, although knowing that not everyone respects it, driving in the right lane implies expose yourself to passing vehicles from the inside to take the exits, so if we can circulate through the interior until it is time to leave the roundabout and previously get into the right lane, the better. Keep in mind that those who are already circulating in the right lane have priority, so if it is not feasible to get into the right lane, we will have to go around the roundabout to do so.

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