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How to get more resistance for the motorcycle?

25 mayo, 2021
como conseguir resistencia enduro offroad

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Stop wasting time training your resistance always in the same way and think about the needs that your sport requires.

In the specific training program for pilots that we have just launched we teach you (among other things) to train your resistance for the motorcycle according to your offroad modality.

But for now we give you these 5 keys to start optimizing your resistance training for the motorcycle.

5 keys to resistance training for the motorcycle

1. To start from scratch:

If you start training for the first time, spend several weeks building your base endurance. To do this, do a cardio training at a sustained pace choosing the sport that motivates you the most: cycling, MTB, running, swimming, spinning, winter sports such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing …

Increase the duration of your effort progressively as you progress: 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes. Keep the intensity low the entire time, finding the rhythm that allows you to resist in a sustained way.

After you get that adaptation in approximately 2-3 weeks (although depending on your starting point it may be more adaptation time), channel your training to the resistance of your offroad modality.

2. Differences between the offroad modalities:

The sensations on the bike are not the same for a trial, enduro or motocross rider. If you have had the opportunity to try or even compete in several of these modalities, you will know for sure that the sensations are completely different.

This is due to two factors: intensity of effort and duration of effort. The higher the intensity, the more rhythm changes you should practice and, the longer it lasts, the more cardio at a sustained pace. Only in this way will you get used to your body to withstand what you will find later in the race.

3. If you practice motocross:

To adapt your endurance, I recommend practicing sustained cardio as a base for 30-40 minutes (eg swimming, cycling or MTB) and integrating anaerobic resistance series of medium duration with active rest each week. I usually use this method: 10 series of 45 seconds duration with the bike or even with the motorcycle on a circuit at medium / high intensity (you will be short of breath after each series) with active low intensity breaks of 15 seconds after each series. You will improve your aerobic ceiling very quickly and each time you will arrive with more air in the key moments of the sleeves.

4. If you practice enduro, hard enduro or cross country:

My recommendation is to combine a sustained cardio workout for at least 60 minutes and alternate days in which you practice series with the previous method and / or series with the HIIT method: for example, 10 series of 20 ”at maximum intensity on slopes with the bike, or with the motorcycle in very demanding sections, and static breaks of 40 seconds recovering the air.

5. Plan all your training according to your career dates:

It is very important to train your endurance, but it is more important to know how to do it wisely so as not to arrive too fatigued at the races. One of the worst things that can happen to you is having made an effort in each training session and not obtaining the expected performance on your race day because you drag fatigue from overtraining. In the specific training program for pilots We teach you to organize your training sessions throughout your sports season so that you arrive on the dates indicated in your best form.

Now that you know how to start training your endurance with these simple optimization keys, start pushing it and don’t waste time doing things that don’t improve your performance on the bike.

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