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How to install heated grips on your motorcycle or scooter

25 mayo, 2021
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Heated grips, always ready

Heated grips can be the ultimate solution and here you will have to decide whether you prefer to mount the originals of your motorcycle (if your brand offers it as an option) or to use auxiliary industry. For example, some original Honda grips with mounting can cost you about 350 euros. Some Oxford Hot Grip, one of the best known brands of this type of accessories, about 80. Depending on the brand, some may tell you that if you mount non-original accessories on your motorcycle you can lose the warranty, but we consider this debatable. The good thing about the originals is that they will respect the original electrical installation of your motorcycle, they will be fully integrated and are always a guarantee of safety, which must be valued.

The Oxford have seemed a good option for auxiliary industry because in the mounting kit they have everything you need, including a current regulator and a safety fuse. Installation is simple and the instructions tell you in detail how to do it, especially when making connections.

The cuff part is no more complicated than doing a cuff change on your own. If you have an air compressor, it is easier to extract the old ones if you want to keep them. To place the new cuffs, compressed air can also help you by blowing around the cuffs while you put them in so that they somehow inflate. The mounting kit also comes with a glue that will prevent them from rotating on the throttle stem or on the handlebar tube. You must have previously removed the handlebar weights and reassemble them when we have the heated grips in place.

The current regulator is what will allow us to give more intensity to the heat of our heated grips. The one that comes with the Oxford pack is waterproof and has a bracket for you to install, for example, on one of the bolts on the clutch lever.

The heated grips should stop working when we turn off the motorcycle

Leave the handlebar cables well collected and fasten them with cable ties. The installation of these grips is designed to take the current directly from the battery, with a switch that you must disconnect when you get off the motorcycle, otherwise the resistors in the grips will continue to consume battery power. And I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I forget. In this article you can find more information about caring for your motorcycle battery in winter.

The option to this is to look for one of the positive cables that are disconnected with the contact, for example that of the horn or some free connection that your motorcycle takes for an accessory. For this, it is best to have an electrical diagram of the motorcycle or consult a specialist.

The cables that carry current to the regulator will have to be passed under the fuel tank so that they are collected. In the case of a scooter, it is best that you try to take them through the areas where the rest of the installation goes so that it is as collected as possible.

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