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23 mayo, 2021
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Even when it is something we do not want and even when we take all possible precautions, by statistics, it is almost impossible to ensure that we will never face the fact of suffering a fall. We are not going to get tragic, we are talking about a simple fall, one of those that does not go beyond fright, a scratch and the ego a bit beaten, of which it is only enough that we get up and continue. Well, even from those simple falls you have to learn to get up, remember that we are talking about lifting more than 200 kilograms of weight and if we consider that the fallen pilot is a lady, the matter may seem to be complicated, you know why that “women are not so strong” …

… Ok, suppose it is true that as female bikers we have the disadvantage of strength, but remember, the saying goes well: “Better skill than strength”.

The following video shows us a technique on how to lift a motorcycle, the technique is not exclusive for women, obviously gentlemen can apply it perfectly and they may even avoid hurting their back or any other part of the body by lifting a motorcycle using only force as a resource.



1.- The first thing is to be sure that the motorcycle is completely off.

two.- Check that there is no fuel leak, if so, it is better that we hurry to carry out the operation.

3.- It would be very convenient if the tires are locked, for that it is a good idea to put in 1st or 2nd, but if it is not possible, at least keep the front brake pressed while we lift it.

4.- If possible, remove the side pin.

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