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How to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen

23 mayo, 2021
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I wish there was the perfect manual or the magic spell that would protect us from the bad intentions of others, but since it is not like that, we will have to think about a more earthly lake that helps us at least try to prevent being victims of thieves.

In a previous post we talked about the different types of anti-theft, but we thought that we could really do a little more in terms of prevention, that is why we leave you here some suggestions on how to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen:

Lock direction Before removing the key from the ignition every time you leave your motorcycle parked somewhere is a good practice. It doesn’t take up a lot of time or require a lot of effort. It may seem like not a big deal, but it works if you are not going to take long to return, with this you prevent someone from pushing your motorcycle away. Also Use anti-theft systems of course it helps much more and complements the intention to prevent. As we mentioned before, there are many on the market that suit your needs.

If you go in a group or are somewhere with some fellow motorcyclists they can fix the bikes together joining them in a chain, it is really very difficult for someone to take a group of motorcycles.

Thieves don’t like the light, so leave the bike parked in a bright place It is another basic and simple prevention practice that you can resort to, much better if it is a busy place with a lot of movement. It does not hurt to sweep the place before leaving to see if there is something or someone suspicious.

Noise is also not very encouraging for a thief, so consider investing in an alarm if your motorcycle has one. An audible alarm will alert if someone is tampering with your motorcycle and the thief will have no choice but to abort the mission if he becomes the focus of attention.

When we go on a trip it can get a bit more complicated, since not all hotels have guarded parking, if that’s the case, ask if there is a safe place to leave it, which preferably has surveillance cameras.

At home it is best to leave her with someone system that is totally fixed, either to the ground or some wall. Another strategy is to leave the motorcycle in front of cars, machines, or anything else that represents an obstacle to be able to roll the motorcycle out.

No matter how small the moment you get away from your motorcycle, NEVER leave the motorcycle stopped anywhere without any prevention method and less with the key in place. Thieves are at home from those careless moments to carry out their objective.

Finally, a good tipMore than a prevention suggestion, it is to put a brand on the motorcycle in a strategic place so that you can identify it if necessary. Hopefully not.

We hope these suggestions will be of some use, but above all we hope that as always you have a happy bikers ride !!


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