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How to vote Diary of a Nomad in the Zapping awards

30 mayo, 2021
Diario de un Nomada

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the zapping awards, who value audiovisual quality on television.

And in this edition, among the nominated in the category of best space for culture and documentary, we have a very special program: Diary of a Nomad.

The series, which surely the vast majority of you will know, is broadcast on La 2 and is produced by Silver Rider Prodaktions, a production company that founded the writer Miquel Silvestre to run your own travel programs.

At the moment, Miquel is recording the 10th season from Diary of a Nomad traveling by Mongolia, in the footsteps of Genghis Khan.

Since its premiere in 2015, many of us have faithfully followed its program, and now we have the possibility to vote for him so that he stands as a winner in the Zapping awards.

Vote for Diario de un Nómada in the Zapping awards

In this edition, the organization of the awards has prepared a survey to know the opinion of the spectators, and that will be taken into account together with that of the professional jury.

To be able to vote, you only have to access the awards website, click on the button ‘voting’ that appears at the top and click on vote here categories television ‘.

Once you are there, you must fill in the requested fields (the DNI is mandatory) and choose your favorite in each of the sections.

Diary of a Nomad You will find it, as we have already told you, in the category ‘cultural, documentary or informative space of 2019’.

Now you know how to vote for Diario de un Nómada for the Zapping awards, there are no excuses … But be careful, the voting period ends on February 24, Do not rest on your laurels!

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