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Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen: price and availability

22 mayo, 2021
husqvarna 39487 vitpilen 701 2018

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Husqvarna Vitpilen Y Svartpilen These are the new arrows for the asphalt of the Swedish brand, which we finally have available at Husqvarna dealers.

husqvarna 38672 svartpilen 401 2018

Husqvarna has already presented its ex-concept Vitpilen and Svartpilen, and has already set a price, date of sale, license plate holders and mirrors. As a starting point, both models are powered by KTM mechanics, with the 401 model being the base of the KTM RC 390 (engine and chassis) and in the case of the 701, the base comes from the KTM Duke 690 (engine and chassis).

Husqvarna introduces the Vitpilen 401 and the Svartpilen 401 on the small cylinder capacity for the A2 license, and in the large displacement presents the Vitpilen 701, for now

The Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen are two motorcycles, which despite their unique conceptual line, are very focused on all types of users. Their compact, narrow, clean and simple design make them the ideal transport for anyone who is starting in the world of two wheels, in the same way that it is for those who already have years and experience, thanks to this line. different from what exists. We are facing a simple, but progressive concept, providing novelty.

For the A2 license: Husqvarnas Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401

Vitpilen 401

husqvarna 39235 vitpilen 401 2018

She is the culmination of the concept “neo-coffee”, This is a body short, compact, cropped, and with driving position on the front axle by means of semi-handlebars. Added to all this, Husqvarna dresses us the Vitpilen 401 under a unique and minimalist design, which at first glance seems to be sculpted from a single block.

husqvarna 39209 vitpilen 401 2018

Very very compact, firm seat but with just the right padding, and very light. The engine is a 375cc single cylinder adjusted to the maximum allowed for the A2 card (44 hp) and packed with torque (37 nm) throughout its rpm range, even allowing us to start from a standstill in second or even third gear, or astonishing recoveries for the size of the engine. The cycle is even higher than the engine, with brakes Bybre (By Brembo) radial anchor and suspensions WPHigh quality components, worthy of “serious” motorcycles.

husqvarna hqv vitpilen 401 7

The driving position is “on the attack”, but very comfortable thanks to its short wheelbase (1357mm) and its low weight (148kg and a deposit of 9.5 liters capacity). It is designed to sit and enjoy. Its launch price is € 6,545 and will be available from first quarter of 2018.

Svartpilen 401

husqvarna 39230 svartpilen 401 2018

The Svartpilen It would be the rebellious sister of the Vitpilen, with a more “asphalt & gravel” approach, this is exactly the same body and chassis but with lug wheels, handlebar in contrast to the sports semi-handlebars of the Vitpilen, and a tank covered with a small cage-type net to transport whatever we want.

husqvarna 38656 svartpilen 4012018

Undoubtedly, the premium logic in the Svartpilen thanks to the comfortable handlebar, giving a leverage capacity in the turns and a comfort that the Vitpilen lacks. The engine and cycle components remain the same as those of the Vitpilen.

husqvarna 38629 svartpilen 401 2018

The Svartpilen is a tough urban explorer, with metal crankcase cover standard and exhaust protector, which picks up the baton when the Vitpilen “can’t take it anymore.”

husqvarna 38638 svartpilen 401 2018

* Its price and date of commercialization is the same as the Vitpilen 401.

Older sister: Vitpilen 701

husqvarna 39486 vitpilen 701 2018

The Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 It is that café-racer with a neo-futurist aesthetic in the purest “tron” style that many of us look for and cannot find. It is here, with a lot of pair and a lot of style. The components are of the highest level, Brembo for brakes (with Deactivatable ABS).

Here you can consult the complete technical sheet of the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.

husqvarna 39312 vitpilen 701 2018

WP for the suspensions, APTC anti-rebound clutch and the option of equipping it with a Akrapovic as an extra.

husqvarna 39522 vitpilen 701 2018

The Vitpilen 701 It is not only focused on the city, this street roadster can also stand up to the highest mountain passes, thanks to its single cylinder of 692cc and 75cv full of torque everywhere (72 nm). All this for 157kg empty, with a seat height of 830 mm and a tank of 12 liters capacity.

husqvarna 39534 vitpilen 701 2018

The Vitpilen will be available at the first quarter of 2018 for a final price of € 9,798.

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