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If Ghost Rider were in India, would it be like this? (video)

23 mayo, 2021
ghost rider 1

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The Indian youtuber Mr. India Hacker had the crazy idea of ​​making his own version of ‘Ghost Rider’, the film -based on a comic and interpreted by Nicolas Cage- where the protagonist is transformed into a burning skeleton avenger, mounted on a motorcycle, whose wheels also burn.

The two protagonists of the video ignored the part where the rider burns and focused on the wheels of the motorcycle, in this case a Pulsar 220.

To achieve this, they wrapped both wheels with a tarp that they later soaked in gasoline.

ghost rider 2

As soon as the wheels start they burn, and after a few meters the flames reach a considerable level, which forces both occupants to jump off the motorcycle, since they lack any type of protection.

ghost rider 4

Surprisingly, the tank does not burn and between the two protagonists and their collaborators they manage to put out the flames. Not even the tires explode.

ghost rider 5

Anyway, you better not try it with your motorcycles …

Here you have the full video:

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