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“I’m going to Barcelona with my best tricks, X-Games level jumps”

23 mayo, 2021
Tom Pages Freestyle Barcelo

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Double winner of the Barcelona Freestyle, Tom Pagés will return to Palau Sant Jordi on November 17 to offer new tricks never seen in Barcelona. Gold medal in Freestyle and silver in Best Jumping at the recent X-Games in Australia, this friendly Frenchman is capable of turning the Palau upside down by himself.

Satisfied with your performance at the X-Games?

I’m very happy. I went in search of gold in FMX (Freestyle) and I have also brought silver in Best Trick (Best Jump) thanks to the Frontflip, one of my most recent tricks. [N. del R.: el Frontflip es un salto mortal en el que piloto y moto rotan en el aire 360 grados hacia adelante.]

After that incredible Frontflip, what is Tom Pagés already preparing?

In freestyle we always think about progressing. I’m testing new figures in the quarterpipe and I’m sure the combinations from the Frontflip will come soon. I train morning and afternoon every day to perfect every trick… and every new trick idea.

What will come first in competition: the Triple Backflip or the Double Frontflip?

Uffff… Josh Sheehan already completed the Triple Backflip three years ago in his training camp, but this jump requires speed that is difficult to achieve in an enclosed area. It’s scary to think about it, but I think that at an FMX event we will see the Double Frontflip first.

And what is your “plan” for the Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle?

I’m going to Barcelona with all my best tricks in my backpack, “X-Games level” jumps. Also, as I live near Girona, I’m sure that the good weather will allow me to train thoroughly the days before and thus arrive at the Palau Sant Jordi with all my “arsenal” well ready (laughs).

Of all that luxury arsenal where you can find the Alley-oop Flair (540 degrees of rotation), the Bike Flip (360-degree rotation of the bike only), the Double Backflip (720 degrees) and the Frontflip (360 degrees), ¿ which one is Tom Pagés left with?

With the Double Backflip, without a doubt. It is a leap that is imposing and that is scary, really, but when you complete it the feeling is unique.

The Barcelona freestyle event will be 100% exhibition without the pressure of judges or scores. Does this format suit you better?

It does not matter to me. In any event in which I participate, I face myself and I always go out to “win” myself. My program and my level of self-demand do not vary depending on whether there are judges or not.

What pilots have been references for Tom Pagés?

A lots of. From a technical point of view, Travis Pastrana, without a doubt. My brother Charly was also my role model for many years. And as an example of love for this sport, the public and the rest of the pilots, the ill-fated Eigo Sato. An example on the track and in life.

What has changed about the Tom Pagés who made his debut at the Palau Sant Jordi in 2008 compared to the current one?

(Laughs) Many things. At first I was jumping more for fun than anything else. Now I am a much stronger rider who knows where he is and where he wants to go.

How many more years do you plan to compete at the highest level?

I have not considered it yet. In fact, with each passing year I enjoy it more because I see how I continue to perfect my tricks. Perhaps in four years I will think about a hypothetical withdrawal from the competition, but to this day I do not know.

And what do you see yourself doing the day after leaving FMX?

I think I will “disconnect” altogether. I see myself competing on four wheels: rallies, the Dakar… who knows! (laughs)

In Barcelona you are going to meet a trio of freestyle aces and also good friends: Pagés, Torronteras and Dany Torres. There is nothing …

It will be great to jump with them because, more than friends, they are like brothers to me. There you have ET: one of the oldest riders … and who keeps winning medals at the X-Games thanks to his incredible Whip! With saying that both Edgar and Dany have been number 1 in the world, I think everything has been said.

Anyone misses the Palau Sant Jordi event with the three of you … and neither will your training sessions!

Hahahaha… I don’t want to see Edgar or Dany before the event… because they will surely take me from party to party and I will not train! (more laughter). Now seriously, I really want to jump in and give it my all in Barcelona, ​​a special city for me and with a fantastic audience. Here I have learned from the best … and here I made my first body-varial, the Volt! The atmosphere of the Palau Sant Jordi has always been unique.

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