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In 1902 Agnes Muriel Hind the first female pilot

25 mayo, 2021
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Agnes Muriel Hind, She stood out in the early 1900s, supposedly being the first woman in Britain to own and drive a motorcycle, and shortly after, for competing in tests and national motorcycle races with great success, and often overshadowing his male rivals.

She was born in 1882. Her enthusiasm for the motor world during her teenage years made her increasingly interested in racing. She created style by wearing a very feminine wardrobe for riding a motorcycle.

Even though it was unheard of for women, Agnes Muriel became a member of the “Motor Cycling Club” at the beginning of 1905 and in October of that same year he managed to participate in the “Albert Brown Trophy”. Incredible as it may seem, for his participation he had to sign a certificate where he promised to lose to RM Brice, who at that time was leading the general. 1906 a series of successes began to arrive including a Gold Medal in the 24 Hours from London to Edinburgh organized by the Automobile Cycle Club, followed by a Bronze Medal in the Six-Day Runs from Land’s End to John o ‘Groats.


These results made it become the first female test pilot for the motor press and with this came the interest of Rex Motor Manufacturing Co, who were very interested in making a motorcycle aimed at women. With this union, in 1907, Agnes Hind created her first design, the “Blue Devil”. In 1910 he began to write a column The Lady Motorcyclistfrom which she dedicated herself to promoting motorcycling among women.

In 1931 Muriel became the first woman to be elected a life member of the Association of Pioneer Motor Cyclist, and in 1950 she became an honorary life member of the Motor Cycle Club. Agnes Muriel Hind died in 1956 at the age of 74.

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