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Indian Chieftain Dark Horse – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is the name of the new member of the Dark Horse line of Indian, the motorcycle brand with soul.

The main feature as its name implies is the deep dark color with a matte finish that gives it a fearless and mysterious personality.


Goodbye to the shine that the chrome finish gives to which we are used to seeing in the Chieftain, a model that precedes this version of unpolished finishes. For this special edition we find a matt black that covers the fenders, front fairing, tank, panniers, fork, mirrors, handlebars, instrumentation, turn signals, engine, covers, footpegs and the rear optics assembly, basically the whole of the motorcycle.

It is a motorcycle that has an engine type Thunder Stroke® 111, the same engine that distinguishes the Indian range. It has a wet clutch for gear transmission. A 54mm Bore / Closed Loop Electronic Fuel Injection System.

16-inch wheels with Dunlop Elite 3 tires, 46mm telescopic fork, adjustable rear shock, one seat at 660mm off the ground, standard ABS braking system, tire pressure control, crossover dual split exhaust.

Measure 46.3 in / 1176 mm high and is 630 mm long. A maximum load capacity of 573 kg and a curb weight of 380 kg.

If you are interested in being the owners of this beauty, the cost is $ 285,800 MXP.


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