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Is it possible to register an old moped?

25 mayo, 2021
puch minicross rafael lozano 0

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Register a moped as a historic vehicle

If you did not have a municipal license plate, the only option is to register it as historical vehicle. Here we recommend that you get in touch with clubs or workshops dedicated to restoration that have a lot of experience in navigating administrative difficulties.

The legislation that you should study is Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, which regulates the technical inspection of vehicles and Royal Decree 1247/1995, of July 14, which approves the Regulation of Historic Vehicles . Always look for the consolidated legislation, which is the one that compiles all the changes that have occurred on it.

You will also need a report with considerations as to why this moped should be considered a historical vehicle.

Applications are submitted at the Autonomous Community, and if it is approved, you can go to an ITV station with all this documentation so that the essential technical inspection card can be carried out to be able to register the moped.
The ITV report will determine the vehicle’s limitations, for example it may say that it is not suitable for driving at night.

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