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Is the 6-cylinder Honda CBX 1000 making a comeback? Could be…

25 mayo, 2021
honda 6 cilindros 1

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The most veteran remember the impressive Honda CBX 1000 and its six-cylinder engine air-cooled, with one of the best sounds ever heard, although Benelli had previously produced its 750 and 900 Sei with six-cylinder engines.

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The British publication Morebikes has discovered patents for a new Honda, retro-style (café racer), which has an air-cooled six-cylinder in-line engine. So it has nothing to do with the 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 1,833cc Gold Wing boxer. The new Honda ‘six’ shows a generous radiator, but with oil, six injectors and three exhausts coming out on each side.

honda 6 cilindros 3

As for the cycle part, the chassis is a classic tubular steel, but with modern suspensions, such as an inverted fork (which has radial brake calipers) and a rear monoshock.

The aesthetic is very retro, with a ‘Joe Bar’ type fairing that includes four ellipsoidal optics to make room for a front number plate. The rounded removable tail allows to leave space for a passenger or to maintain the aesthetic ‘café racer’ if we go alone.

As always, they are only sketches of a project that does not necessarily have to go into production, or that if it finally arrives can vary a lot from what is seen in the drawings.

But we are facing something that, if manufactured, could become one of those Honda that have become mythical.

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