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James Stewart’s most incredible maneuver with slow-motion camera

24 mayo, 2021

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The video that you can see in the header of this post is a perfect explanation with slow-motion camera included of one of the maneuvers that James stewart, famous American motocross rider, became fashionable many years ago.

And it is that no riding technique has revolutionized modern motocross like the one introduced by Bubba stewart, as this pilot is known. When the runner jumped onto the professional scene in 2002 at the young age of 16, he brought with him enough exuberance and self-confidence to leave everyone speechless. The American has always been a charismatic and animated pilot. One of those that lifts the public from their seats because when they jump on the track, anything can happen.

During his early years as a professional he developed a technique of throwing the bike to the side just before jumps, which allowed him to execute them with more speed and at the same time stay lower than his rivals. Logically, when he landed on the runway again, his power was greater than that of other pilots. What became known as the Bubba scrub, not only helped him in the lap times, but also became a spectacular media stunt.

In this video you can enjoy from all angles and in super slow motion the difficult and impressive maneuver of the great Stewart.

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