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Jeans with airbag, the fashion proposed by Airbag Inside Sweden AB

22 mayo, 2021
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Manufacturers have devised different textile solutions for that the bikers take with you the clothing necessary to ensure your safety and enjoy the experience of traveling by motorcycle.

Among them we highlight the carbon fiber fabrics used in jackets Y socks to ensure optimal breathability for the motorcyclist. In the same way, the OutDry technology used in gloves for men and women, because they offer maximum protection against humidity and atmospheric agents. These innovative proposals for waterproofing are also used in various footwear collections.

However, so far there are few garment proposals that provide complete lower body protection and comfort (the legs). For this reason, the firm Airbag Inside Sweden AB has created a type of jeans that will protect this area considered the most exposed to injuries in a motorcycle accident. The company also hopes its product will save lives in road accidents.

Jeans with airbag

It is a garment that offers protection with air bag for the leg area. The design of jeans with airbags has started to get people’s attention. These garments are made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (stronger than steel), which were originally invented to join objects in space.

On the official website of Swedish Air Bag Inner Company (AB), they mention that their The UHMWPE collection uses extremely wear-resistant space technology to make motorcycle suits. “Denim looks and feels like normal denim, the magic is hidden in the yarn,” they detail.

But, how do they work? Airbag jeans work differently. These jeans are lined with airbags, so if the driver (motorcyclist or cyclist) falls or moves suddenly, the airbag will activate to protect the legs. Jeans with airbags are attached to a motorcycle, and the technical system is similar to that of an old train to ensure that the rider mechanically brakes when the rider falls.

Greater resistance than ripped jeans

Unlike traditional pants, airbag jeans they are 14 times stronger than steel and 8 times lighter. In that case, will its appearance cause discomfort to the driver? The pants in question can be deflated, re-inflated and reassembled as many times as necessary. And what if we already use it? The company has specified that if you are the victim or cause of a fall, you do not have to buy new pants later.

Currently, the price of the airbag jeans has not been published on the firm’s website. But, because the company has a collection related to road safety, and the price of a bomber jacket for men or women is $ 144, then jeans with airbags can be considered to be close to this level.

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