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Kesstech ESE exhaust pipes, the best option for your BMW

24 mayo, 2021
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A few months ago they have arrived in our countrys Kesstech ESE exhaust systems for BMW and, in a short time, they are already known as the smart tailpipes. But the best thing about these is that they allow you to customize your bike. The sound, the power, the design.. But all that legally and homologated to avoid headaches and other inconveniences.

Do you find yourself in that moment when you are thinking about whether or not to change the exhaust pipe of your BMW? Then read this article carefully, because it will surely be of great help to you. And if in the end, you still haven’t made up your mind, I’m sure you are attracted to the proposal to try it.

Change the exhaust pipe of my BMW, do I make up my mind?

We want a more powerful sound, much more attractive or, simply, we want our motorcycle to look much better, the fact is that changing the exhaust pipe of BMW motorcycles is a very recurrent question among fans of two wheels who own a BMW motorcycle .


Many users choose to change the stock exhaust pipe of their BMW motorcycle and have You have doubts about which system to choose, how to do it, or simply doubt whether it is the best for your motorcycle. How do you end up being convinced that it is the best option? It depends on each driver.

Why change the exhaust of BMW motorcycles?

Some will say that by improve the aesthetics of the motorcycle, others will think that why the sound of the motorcycle is more powerfulthere will be those who want gain power and, on the other hand, there will be those who think that changing the exhaust of BMW motorcycles is damaging the careful work of the designers. There will always be tastes for everything.

We can tell you that, beyond the function of the exhaust pipe -which is to avoid the accumulation of gases in the engine by expelling them- the pipe is one of the pieces, let’s say, a fetish of almost any biker, hence there is a more than acceptable offer when it comes to changing it safely and, many of them in a legal way, avoiding later complications, such as Kesstech ESE systems. But we will get there later.

Exhaust pipes for BMW

Currently, there are many exhaust pipes for BMW and, each one of them, offers some differential factor that makes it stand out from others. Some are specially designed for the motorcyclist, who drives for sheer pleasure, enjoy more power and a smoother ride. On the other hand, some exhaust systems seek maximize engine performance and in turn regulate the sound emitted by the motorcycle to make it more powerful, louder or even more elegant.


Look after aestheticsFeeling superior sound, coupled with impressive and legal quality, is an equation that may be nearly impossible for many riders. Even more so if we talk about changing the exhaust pipe of a BMW.

But there is a certain limitation when we talk about legality, or comfort for the biker. Sometimes providing a higher sound is annoying if we want to honestly adhere to legality. Remove DB Killer of our exhaust is a formula that, although some bikers use, not only does not adhere to legality, but it is also a costly process that requires putting and removing parts every two by three at the time of passing the pertinent reviews and inspections.

Change motorcycle exhaust legally: Kesstech ESE exhaust pipes

If you do not want complications putting and removing parts and also want to have full approval so as not to have problems of any kind, you have the option that they provide Kesstech ESE (Electronic Sound System) exhausts to change the exhaust of the motorcycle legally.


KessTech is a German brand of exhaust pipes that has been manufacturing exhausts for Harley-Davidson for more than 30 years. In the last few months, it has introduced this system in Spain and has begun to manufacture it as well. for BMW R engines.

Many already say of him that he is the smart exhaust system, and they are not misguided. How can a smart motorcycle exhaust pipe be? The answer is easy: Engineering applied to the design of KessTech ESE exhaust pipes for BMW, make that, through a button located on the handlebar of the motorcycle, you can regular and enjoy 3 driving modes, also complying with the road regulations and with the Spanish ITV.

The electronically adjustable valve system, ensures that the exhaust sound system offers the rider the experience of a unique and road legal driving.

When the exhaust is in OFF mode, the tube makes a much softer sound. It is ideal for driving in towns and cities, especially at night, so that you will go unnoticed and will not bother anyone.

Moving on to MEDIUM modeBy simply pressing the button on the handlebar, the exhaust valve will open electronically to provide the engine with a harsher sound, respecting the environment.

But it is in the On mode where Kesstech justifies its existence and where many motorists have already set their sights on their BMW motorcycles. The fully open valve allows the motorcycle to emit a spectacular sound and a beauty that Kesstech users have already seen. Not in vain, The German brand has been experimenting with sound for 30 years through the Harley Davidson brand.

In addition, KessTech’s intelligent ESE tailpipe system automatically interprets when the driver needs a sudden increase in power in situations such as overtaking on the road. That’s where the additional Power-Feature system, which temporarily increases the power of the motorcycle to facilitate this type of maneuvering.

Kesstech exhaust for BMW: special launch offer in Spain

The KessTech exhaust for BMW offers the possibility of choose between different options, depending on the aesthetic you want to give the motorcycle, playing with different colors and finishes. You can choose them for BMW motorcycles in the segments Adventure, Trail, Heritage and Gran turismo.

In addition, in the first months of launch in Spain, KessTech has decided to offer a special introductory price, leaving the price at € 1,499 for a limited time, an offer that some BMW motorcycle users have already accepted.

Testing the Kesstech exhaust pipe

In addition, the German brand has launched a campaign to test the Kesstech exhaust for free. From today and throughout this year, the brand offers the possibility of check and feel the sound of your smart tailpipe while driving a BMW R 1200GS equipped with this system.

The brand has enabled a form on its website to request free trial in the cities of Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Bilbao and Valencia. What are you waiting for to request your proof?


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