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KTM 790 Adventure R test

24 mayo, 2021

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Cockpit and technology in the KTM 790 Adventure R

The first feeling when getting on the motorcycle is that it is a compact motorcycle, not excessively high, the seat is in one piece and is located 880mm from the ground. And you can modify the handlebar in six positions. So I immediately found the ideal position on the bike. The weight is 189 kg dry (209 kg while running). The screen is minimalist and smaller than in its Adventure sister to allow greater visibility in off-road sections.

The TFT display that equips the KTM 790 Adventure R is 5 ”fully digital in color and is operated from the left handlebar pin. It has a wealth of information (tripmeter, available range, ABS settings, riding modes … etc.) and its readability is very good even on sunny days. The lights and indicators are Led, the front group being very similar to that of its sister KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

KTM 790 Adventure R

KTM has done the rest when it comes to equipping its new Adventure with technology. Provides standard electronic throttle, 4 engine modes as well as piloting aids such as traction control, ABS in cornering and ABS Off-Road mode, which completely deactivates the ABS in the rear brake and limits it in the front axle. It also equips Rally Pack, with which you can configure the throttle response and 9 levels of traction control. It’s the off-road mode of choice with a sharper, more exciting throttle response and direct access to Traction Control. In the sections we covered it was very useful to be able to lower the traction control for softer terrain and raise it on harder terrain or highway.

Facing the Baggage, a motorcycle with this traveler approach already has suitcases, GPS mounts, tank bags, etc. available. to make your adventures unique. The optional Akrapovic exhaust saves a kilo of weight and exudes a heady sound …

KTM 790 Adventure R

A real off-road motorcycle

The second day of testing promised: broken tracks, routes with loose stones, side terrain and… Dunes! Just at dawn we set off and our guide this time was going to be the Dakarian Jordi Viladoms. After a few kilometers by connecting road, we enter the Off-Road. We stop, set the Rally mode, disconnect the traction control and… Enjoy! We made a long run on a sandy track and the standing riding position is surprisingly good. It does not tire you and you have both the gear lever and the levers accessible. The suspensions swallow all the irregularities of the terrain and the behavior of the bike is impeccable.

Jordi tells us that stages of the Dakar were held on these tracks and in the middle of the morning we reached the highlight, the dunes arrive. It’s very simple, Jordi Viladoms told us: “You position your body back, never cut gas, always with a lot of gas and the faster you go, the better”. It seems easy but when you are crowning a dune you have an internal fight in your brain so that your wrist cuts gas, although following Jordi’s wise advice we were able to surf the waves perfectly. It’s an indescribable feeling riding on such soft ground with this bike with total ease It says a lot about the dynamic qualities of the KTM 790 Adventure R. It is a bike that brings out the best in you, makes the difficult easy and reminds you of the essence of enjoying the bike.

adv r

The price of the KTM 790 Adventure R is 13,299 euros

The KTM 790 Adventure R is now available at official brand dealers with a MSRP 13,299 euros in the exclusive white color and orange chassis. Regarding the price, it is difficult to make a judgment, it depends on the use it may or may not be expensive, but due to the quality of the components that it equips as standard and the possibilities of use that this motorcycle provides, for me it has a fair price. You really have two bikes in one: A touring bike and an enduro bike.

KTM succeeded with a compact size adventure bike, comfortable, technologically advanced and with first-rate off-road skills. They have created the perfect bike for the most intrepid adventurers, a bike where the world will probably get small. Without a doubt, it is a motorcycle that can satisfy the chimera of traveling comfortably until the road ends… and much beyond.

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