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KTM 790 Adventure test | Moto1Pro

24 mayo, 2021
sdv 6080

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KTM has developed two models that share the same base, the Adventure model being a sports touring bike with KTM off-road genetics while the R version It is an off-road motorcycle to use that allows you to travel in comfort.

The KTM 790 Adventure is a Light trail -weighs 189 kg dry- powerful -develops 95 hp- technologically advanced and with the DNA of the Dakarian models Of the brand. One of the hallmarks of both motorcycles is the diameter of the front wheel, it equips 21 “spoke rim, the usual measure of off-road motorcycles. So we find two motorcycles that recover the pure Trail spirit, motorcycles capable of satisfy the chimera of traveling in comfort until the road ends … and beyond.

Engine and sensations

The KTM 790 Adventure equips the LC8 two-cylinder that its sister 790 Naked already released, adapted to Trail use with greater thrust in the lower area of ​​the tachometer and with 88 Nm of torque. KTM engineers have endeavored to manufacture a small, compact engine so as not to interfere with the volume and design of the bike. It is notable especially in the area of ​​the deposit, much narrower than other Adventure bikes and closer to the measurements of an Enduro bike.


The engine loses some horsepower compared to its sister 790 Naked, but it provides greater torque and can be adapted for the A2 card. The power is 95hp, more than enough to move the bike with ease even with a load. It is a very progressive engine with a strong thrust from low revs and that supports over-speed up to 10,000 rpm. An interesting fact is the low consumption recorded during the test, an average of 4.8 liters / 100km, a good figure considering the pace we maintained both on the road and off-road. The fuel tank has a capacity of 20 liters so it will be possible to travel more than 400 kilometers without refueling. As you can see in the photos, the tank “hugs” the engine to achieve greater capacity and lower the center of gravity. If it is true that the theory is all advantages although on an aesthetic level not everyone has finished pleasing …

The first day the test was traveling the twisty roads of Morocco, our test unit equipped the Quickshifter 6-speed quick change. It works like a charm and is addictive to link gears without having to engage the clutch. Within the Powerparts accessories for this bike, a must have.

In relation to the cycle part, the suspensions are of quality, signed by WP and the fork being 43 mm in the Adventure. We did the test on very bumpy roads and we always had positive feelings, generating confidence in the front end at all times. The brake system is radially mounted with 4-piston calipers and two 320mm discs with switchable ABS. Its bite has impressed us and the touch allows you to accelerate the braking without scares, thanks also to the Bosch cornering ABS system.

sdv 4814

Command post

The first sensation when getting on the bike is as we mentioned before, its small size. It is a compact motorcycle and in which you can modify the seat height -from 830 mm to 850 mm- comfortably in three levels and six handlebar positions. Undoubtedly a great idea from KTM and one that opens the spectrum of buyers. So I immediately found the ideal position on the bike. The screen is generous in size and covers enough, noticing some air in the shoulders but for my size it is perfect. By the way, the screen is adjustable in three positions although you will need an Allen key to do it.

The TFT display that equips the KTM 790 Adventure is 5 ”fully digital in color and is operated from the left handlebar pin. It has a wealth of information (tripmeter, available range, ABS settings, riding modes … etc.) and its readability is very good even on sunny days. The Racing feeling at the start and the “Ready to Race” slogan appearing is the house brand. The lights and indicators are Led, the front group being very similar to that of its sister KTM 1290 Super Adventure.


Technologically very advanced

KTM has done the rest when it comes to equipping its new Adventure with technology. It comes standard with an electronic throttle as well as piloting aids such as traction control, cornering ABS and ABS Off-Road mode, which completely disables the ABS on the rear brake and limits it on the front end. Optionally you can include the Quickshift, cruise control and the highly recommended Rally Pack, in which you can configure the throttle response and 9 levels of traction control. Another recommended option is the My Ride system with which you can link your smartphone to the motorcycle to play music, answer calls or follow the GPS indications.

And when it comes to luggage, a motorcycle with this traveler approach already has suitcases, GPS mounts, tank bags, etc. available. to make your adventures unique. The optional Akrapovic exhaust saves a kilo of weight and exudes an intoxicating sound …


Real off-road

The second day of testing was reserved for the KTM 790 Adventure R. Unlike the Adventure, its focus is purely Off-Road and adds longer suspension travel front (240 mm), fork WP Xplor 48 mm, seat one piece, low dome to improve visibility in the field, tires Metzeler Karoo 3, Rally pack standard and an exclusive color orange whitewhich gives it a spectacular aesthetic.

Just at dawn we set off and our guide this time was going to be Jordi Viladoms, the day promised. After a few kilometers by connecting road, we enter paths. We stop, set the Rally mode, disconnect the traction control and… Enjoy! We did a long run on a sandy road and the riding position while standing is surprisingly good. It does not tire you and you have both the gear lever and the levers accessible. Jordi tells us that stages of the Dakar were held on these tracks and in the middle of the morning we reached the highlight, the dunes arrive.


Whoever writes this has never ridden in dunes before and it has been an incredible experience. It’s very simple, Viladoms told us: “You position your body back, never cut gas, always with a lot of gas and the faster you go, the better”It seems easy but when you are crowning a dune you have an internal fight in your brain so that your wrist cuts gas although following Jordi’s wise advice we were able to surf the waves perfectly. It is an indescribable sensation, riding on such soft terrain with a completely standard bike – well my unit had Akrapovic exhaust – but even though the sand was softer than usual, its performance on the dunes was faultless. And that says a lot for the KTM 790 Adventure R.

Final and conclusions

Both models are now available at official brand dealers with a suggested price of € 12,399 for the KTM 790 Adventure in white or orange and € 13,299 for the KTM 790 Adventure R in white. Faces? It depends on the use of course, but my opinion is that it does not, especially because of the quality of the components that it equips as standard and the possibilities of use that they provide, you really have two motorcycles in one: A touring motorcycle and an enduro motorcycle.

viladoms party

The day was coming to an end and the moments lived intensely during the two days of testing in Morocco accumulated, it has been a pleasant experience to test these motorcycles in this Dakarian habitat.

KTM has hit the nail on the head with an adventurous bike that is compact in size, very comfortable, technologically advanced and with first-rate off-road skills. They have created the perfect bike for the most intrepid adventurers, a bike where the world will probably get too small … Without a doubt it would be a motorcycle to have in my garage, I am making room.

  KTM 790 Adventure

Generously sized on the KTM 790 Adventure, it is adjustable in 3 positions with an Allen key. The smaller dome of the R is interchangeable

  KTM 790 Adventure

The brake system is radially mounted with 4-piston calipers and two 320mm discs with switchable ABS.

  KTM 790 Adventure

With a capacity of 20 liters, it provides a range of more than 400 kilometers although with a controversial aesthetic.

  KTM 790 Adventure

The display is large, offers abundant information, in full color and very legible.

  KTM 790 Adventure

The control of the electronics of the motorcycle is carried out through the left hand control. It is very intuitive and lights up when you operate the lights.

  KTM 790 Adventure

Among the Powerparts options, the Akrapovic exhaust streamlines the bike and achieves a more serious and powerful sound.

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