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KTM 890 Duke R. Price: 12,499 euros

24 mayo, 2021
ktm 890 duke r 2020 1

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The KTM 890 Duke R is practically similar to the 790, but with more torque, more revs and much stronger acceleration from a standstill. The 890’s power and torque figures rise to 121 hp and 99 Nm of torque, almost 10 percent more torque than the 790. The increase in displacement has been achieved by increasing the bore per stroke of 88×65.7 at 90.7×68.8 mm. Compression ratio goes up from 12.7: 1 to 13.5: 1.

In this link you have a comparison between the KTM 790 Duke and the Honda CB 650 R.

2020 KTM 890 Duke R

The electronics of the 890 Duke also have some differences compared to the 790. For example it has a new sensor in the cylinders and the injection system has been developed exclusively for this bike in collaboration with Dell’Orto.

As standard we have sophisticated electronics thanks to the incorporation of a six-axis inertial measurement unit that allows ABS with cornering assistance and rear axle slip control. For this, it has two independent sensors that measure the level of slippage of the motorcycle and the angle at which we are. Another of the great advantages of electronics is that it ensures the best conditions for the linear acceleration of the motorcycle and an anti-wheelie control, so as not to lose a tenth. Some of the electronic assists can be disconnected to savor the unadulterated engine and chassis.

The gearbox, to which you can optionally add a QuickShifter + power shift system, has been adapted directly from the 1290 Super Duke R.

KTM 890 Duke R silencer

There are three driving modes: Rain, Street and Sport, to which we can optionally add a fourth, Track, which we will use if we are going to ride with our KTM 890 Duke R on the track. Track mode will allow us to play with nine levels of skid control and complete customization of traction control, wheelie control and accelerator. We can also order our 890 Duke with hold control that is combined with an electronic clutch control system.

Chassis and suspensions of the KTM 890 Duke. Something lighter

The KTM 890 Duke R is somewhat lighter than the 790. Specifically 3.3 kilos, without the passenger footpegs and with the single-seater seat. The set of suspensions are WP Apex that have been recalibrated to fit the extra power of the 890. It is a sports bike, but it has not been neglected that it has a good level of comfort on the road and that it does not seem that we are riding on a table. The front fork can be adjusted in compression, rebound and rebound, the same as the rear shock.

KTM 890 Duke R

At the controls of the KTM 890 Duke R you will notice that the geometry has changed with respect to the 790. The biggest difference is that the driving position forces us to go in a more “attacking” position, it seems that we are going higher and somewhat more advanced, with a perfect command of the front end of the motorcycle. The handlebar is located in a somewhat lower position and the footrests have also been relocated, which are somewhat larger but without affecting the lean angle of the bike.

The brakes are entrusted to Brembo Stylema elements, with monobloc calipers and radial anchoring in the front axle. Inside the hydraulics there is less volume of brake fluid and they have a system to graduate if we want to have more aggressive or more progressive brakes. The brake assembly weighs less than on the 790 Duke, which improves the suspended weight on both trains.

Finally, it should be noted that the bike has complete extra equipment to customize it, with a wonderful optional Akrapovic exhaust. Quite a dream.

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