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Kymco inaugurates its “base camp” in Barcelona

25 mayo, 2021

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The scooter market in Barcelona represents one of the largest in the entire national territory and, aware of this, Kymco has wanted to reinforce its presence in it by doing a strong economic investment in its dealership on Calle Entença. These facilities, which previously functioned as an official Kymco concession, now depend directly on Kymco Spain, so communication cannot be more direct or more decisive in the event of any eventuality.

With this effort, at a time when austerity is what prevails, Kymco proposes offer impeccable after-sales service to your customers and, for this, one of the first measures in this regard has been to regulate the price of spare parts, which in recent years, before Kymco Spain took the reins in management, had been distorting to the detriment of users, and that is something similar to what happened with the price of the workshop hours, which from now on are established in 42 euros, plus VAT, per hour.

Other important improvements that result in an efficient and quality service are, for example, the new “home delivery” spare parts service, that will improve the quality of service of the subagents, or the availability of any part in 24 hours. Of course, before delivering the motorcycle to the customer after a service you could not miss the mandatory washing, as the big manufacturers do in their official dealers. And it is that Kymco has grown to such an extent that it is forced to offer an after-sales service comparable to that of the best brands; “A good service is the best way to retain your customers”, he commented to us Carlos Wang, Marketing coordinator at Kymco Spain.

As we have already said, this new logistics center Its primary objective is to cover an after-sales service above any other activity. That means of the 1900 square meters of premises available so only 11% is destined to sales, compared to the 720 square meters of workshop available and the 250 destined to the spare parts area. This does not mean that your activity focuses only on the workshop, since all models in the Kymco catalog will be on sale and all in the colors available for each one of them. And it is that in the logistics warehouse of 700 square meters located in the same Entença street, in front of the store, up to 340 scooters can be stored.

In short, that with this new nerve center for the province of Barcelona, ​​Kymco intends to regain its good name in a city that represents a large percentage of total sales throughout the national territory.

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