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KYMCO puts its first electric scooters on sale in Taiwan

25 mayo, 2021
kymco ionex scooter electrico taiwan

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In 2019 there will be 2,000 KYMCO Ionex charging stations in Taiwan

KYMCO Ionex charging stations

During the presentation of the new KYMCO electric scooters, it was also announced that it has already been completed the deployment of 1,500 charging stations fast Ionex in Taiwan. And that in 2019 there will be no less than 2,000 distributed throughout the country. It is the other side of the KYMCO electric mobility project, putting at the service of its customers and other brands that join the project, a type of batteries that are quickly rechargeable at Ionex points, where we will leave our battery discharged and take another one. that it is in full working order.

It is a very ambitious plan which will also be deployed in Europe and that it will have to have the support of local administrations. If they succeed, KYMCO will have control of something much more profitable than the vehicles themselves, that of the electrical supply stations.

KYMCO’s goal for the next three years is to reach the 30,000 charging points, in streets, parking lots and shopping centers, and completely eliminate the anxiety of running out of power that electric vehicle users presumably have.

KYMCO New Many and Nice electric prices

According to Allen KO, the KYMCO New Many 110 EV, which will hit stores in Taiwan in August, will cost $ 1,590 (exchange) with Noodoe navigation system, and $ 1,420 in its standard version. The NIce 100 EV will cost $ 990. In this way, KYMCO meets the “low cost” electric scooters announced by what will be one of its great rivals, the Xiaomi technology brand.

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