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23 mayo, 2021
1621799481 hedear Mun hipster

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Retro is current in almost everything that has to do with design. The world of motorcycling is no exception and proof of this is La Mondial Hipster from the Italian firm world making his surprising re-appearance after ten years backstage at the EICMA 2015. Now, from the hand of Luigi bosell presents its most recent creation.

The Mondial Hipster says it in its name, it is a motorcycle for hipsters and as we mentioned at the beginning, it refers to the retro style in terms of style and design, but using the technological resources of today to provide greater security and confidence. Is a scrambler with details such as 41mm inverted front fork, disc brakes, off-road tires on 18 and 17-inch spoke wheels respectively, adjustable double rear shock absorber and raised double exhaust. The premium point in aesthetics is its individual leather seat 785mm from the ground and the design of the license plate holder.

It has 125 and 250 cc versions, two versions of the same liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, in powers of 15 and 25 hp. Its weight is 130 kilos, so it promises to be agile on quiet cruises. Capacity in the fuel tank for 14 liters.

It is planned to be launched on the market for the spring of the following year.

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