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LAIA SANZ – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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It is not news that now women are much more open and daring when it comes to exploring new lifestyles, the world of motorcycling is one that fascinates many but few have managed to stand out. Among the admirable women who have managed to make their place in this highly competitive sport is Laia Sanz.


Laia sanz is a girl from Barcelona who was born on December 11, 1985, she is a pilot of trial, enduro Y rally raid Spanish, that has been thirteen times world champion of trial and four times world champion of enduro.

Also, she is hexacampeona of the Dakar rally, in the women’s motorcycle category, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015., in which she achieved ninth overall position, being the best female result in history.

Laia’s taste began when she learned to ride a bicycle when she was two years old. The first contact with a motorcycle came the same year that his father put his bicycle seat in the gas tank of his motorcycle. When he was four years old, the passion had grown and, without telling anyone, he started riding his brother’s motorcycle. Laia’s older brother, Joan, also a motorcycle fan, had a Montesa 250 cc height.

On 1992At the age of seven and encouraged by her mother, she participated in a junior Catalan championship race that was taking place in her town. She finished eighth and last, but wanted to come back for more. The following year he joined the Championship from the first race. With this step she joined a sport dominated by men without women’s championships at the time.

On 1997 he won his first race in a men’s championship, riding an 80cc motorcycle. She also participated in an international women’s rehearsal competition for the first time. On 1998 she participated in the first edition of the European Women’s Trial Championship, unofficial at the time, and won it. She was only twelve years old and competing against more mature foreigners, attracting the attention of amateurs and professional teams. Thanks to this great result, he began to consider a professional career as a pilot. That same year she participated in the Spanish Trial Championship, where she was the only female rider.

His international debut was in 2000 by winning the Spanish Cadet Championship, again the only female pilot. This is the most satisfying of her titles according to her. In that year it is the first edition of the European Women’s Trial Championship and the Women’s Trial World Championship. She takes part in both and achieves her first world title and finishes second in the European Championship. She also participates as a member of the Spanish team in the first edition of the Women’s Nations Trial, which she wins.

Since then she has accumulated many titles in international women’s competitions, winning the Women’s Trials World Championship seven times in a row (2000-2006). He has also competed in men’s championships with good achievements.


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