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Legal procedures that you must know to buy or sell a second-hand motorcycle

23 mayo, 2021
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Legal procedures to buy or sell a motorcycle between individuals

If you are already at this point, it is because, whether you are the seller or the buyer, you are in the process of buying or selling a second-hand motorcycle. To get there, an advertisement has been made, photos have been taken, a price has been set, the motorcycle has been reviewed and tested, the price has been negotiated … And so on until an agreement is reached by both parties.

Now, before a motorcycle passes from one hand to another, it is important to do everything that we detail below. It is important to be clear that the process and payment of the fees corresponds to the buyer.

  • Make a purchase contract

It is necessary to formalize the sale of the vehicle by a written contract. We can do it ourselves, it is not necessary to resort to any official model, but it is important that it includes the name and ID of both the buyer and the seller, the brand, model, registration and the chassis number of the motorcycle, the agreed sale price and the date of the operation. It is necessary to make three copies of this contract of sale and that both parties sign all of them.

Motorcycle sale

  • Prepare the rest of the documentation

To carry out this sales contract and continue with the entire process, we will need the following documentation:

  • The circulation permit of the motorcycle, both original and copy.
  • The ITV technical sheet in force, which must be duly completed if the motorcycle is more than 4 years old (or 3 if it is a moped).
  • The DNI (or CIF if they are legal persons) of both the buyer and the seller. In case of being minors or disabled, the intervention of a father, a mother or a legal guardian will be necessary.
  • The proof of payment of the Circulation Tax, both original and copy.
  • Proof of payment of the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions, It is done at the Treasury through form 620.
  • Make the change of ownership in the DGT

Once we have all this ready it is necessary to go to an office of the DGT to carry out the change of ownership of the motorcycle. There, with all the documentation prepared and the proof of payment for the transaction, the ownership change form will be filled out and the corresponding fees will be paid (about € 50 in the case of motorcycles). This procedure must be carried out within a period not exceeding 30 days from the signing of the contract.

With all this ready and in accordance, and once the payment of the price agreed in the contract of sale has been made, the delivery of the motorcycle keys.

If you are the buyer, you will have a provisional receipt until the new motorcycle registration permit in which your data appears is ready within 15 days.

And if you are the sellerIt is recommended that you check with the DGT that the change has been made correctly to avoid encountering possible fines or penalties that correspond to the new owner of the motorcycle.

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