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Liam Everts: Race of Champions

25 mayo, 2021
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“I was going my way and I wasn’t thinking about the podium at all,” Everts said. “It was nice to be a bit like my grandfather or my father, and also create your own little style, which I like to have, but it’s a long way to go and it was just a victory in one race. Even at Valkenswaard I showed many things that I am capable of. I think I am capable of more. I want to be in MX2 as soon as possible in a top team and I don’t know when it will happen, but I need to focus and I want to win, I am not a guy who is satisfied with a fifth place, I want to win “.

Liam’s famous father, Stefan, you know that the long road to the top is not easy, fraught with accidents, injuries and bad luck, but if you want it bad enough, then anything is possible..

“Matterley is a fantastic track,” said Stefan Everts. “It was technical, we had muddy conditions, we had dry conditions, so we saw a lot of great things that Liam can do on a motorcycle. It is nice to see that he is ready both physically and mentally and what he has accomplished under pressure is very good to keep moving forward.”.

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The pressure on his shoulders is immensely great and perhaps I am one of the only ones who can understand what is happening, because I had the same with my father. I just see him getting better and stronger, even now that he’s locked up he’s still motivated. He is disappointed because there are no races and he cannot do other good results. He looks at me as his father, but also as a champion and an example and trusts what I tell him and what we do. We discussed a few things, but by his example, his physical program, he trusts everything and just follows it and does the best he can.. That’s the best way to do it and that’s how I did it with my father or Willy Linden, I never got into an argument, I just did. “

So while Belgium comes out of lockdown, young Everts keep pushing hard, doing his training and progressing as a young runner. Once we return, don’t be surprised to see an even better version of that young lad who won at Matterley Basin. Exciting times for Belgian motocross.

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