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LIVING A DREAM – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Have you ever wanted to drop everything? Arm yourself with courage and go out riding alone with your motorcycle, a backpack and a camping house?

Yes, surely it has, many times, it has crossed our minds more than once, but the truth is that few have had the courage to do so. Sometimes I wonder what is stopping us? What anchors us and prevents us from realizing a dream like this? .. Fear?

The most incredible thing of all is that we have surely heard dozens of stories from people who dare and each one of them is fabulous in its own way, in each one you can feel the magic, and when listening to them you say to yourself, ( while drooling listening to the wonders), “I wish I could live such an experience”… Well, to add one more to those stories of magic and adventures, we tell you about Carlos Sinewan.

Carlos Sinewan, is a Spanish boy who used to live in Madrid and one day finally plucked up his courage and decided to leave, initially to make a trip to Sydney, a trip that lasted eight months, but once that trip was over, he realized that that he could not stop, that he needed to continue, so he soon began another even longer journey, where he traveled through several cities in Africa along the coast, until he reached Cape Town.

Again he thought that it was enough, that he had finally fulfilled his dream and that it was time to return to Madrid, again he was wrong and ended up realizing that his thing was to live happily fulfilling his dream every day.

“Life goes by quickly and dreams are there to be fulfilled, or at least to try.”

Carlos Sinewan.


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