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Luigi Scavone de Alma, sponsor Alma Pramac Racing arrested

22 mayo, 2021
luigi scavone

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As we have learned from the Italian media GPOne, Luigi scavone, head of Alma (main sponsor of Alma Pramac Racing MotoGP), has been arrested by the Naples Finance Police for tax fraud.

Apparently Scavone has been detained at home while was preparing to go to Dubai with a bag of money. According to the information provided by the Italian media, it would be hundreds of thousands of euros.

He is investigated for defraud 70 million to the Italian Treasury between 2015 and 2017. There are 27 other suspects in this fraud involving up to 32 companies.

As we said, while Alma is the main sponsor of the Alma Pramac Racing MotoGP team, to some extent could also affect the team of Moto2 MV Agusta Idealavoro Forward since Idealavoro is a company of the same group.

In any case, at the moment it seems that said company of the group, directed by Gianni Scaperrotta, is not being investigated.

At the moment, neither team has commented on the matter.

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