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Madrid regulates the use of motorcycles again due to its central almond

24 mayo, 2021
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The Madrid City Council has recognized that motorcycles are a more sustainable means of transport than cars. Goodness! It will also encourage its use by doubling the places reserved for motorcycles up to 21,000.

The SER regulated parking area will be expanded beyond the perimeter of the M30. This measure will only work, for the moment, for cars, and it is to be expected that the number of places for motorcycles will also increase in these neighborhoods.

The oldest motorcycles will not be able to enter Madrid in 2024

It was clear that older vehicles will not be saved. As you well know, European recommendations become standards in all countries, especially in a city with as many pollution problems as Madrid. In 2020, motorcycles will have to have Euro 5 certification, more restrictive than the Euro 4 that began in 2016 … Vehicles, motorcycles and cars, which do not have an environmental label are now called Type A. They can no longer circulate, neither now nor before, through Madrid Central. In 2020 they will not be able to park in the first and second ring roads of Madrid (this will not affect motorcycles), but in 2022 they will not be able to circulate inside the M30 unless they are residents.

On 2024 motorcycles prior to 2003 will not be able to enter the city unless you are a resident, and in 2025 neither can residents. In five years, the great motorcycles of the 80s and 90s will only be able to go by road and not set foot in the city.

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