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Main mistakes when checking the brakes of your motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021
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What mistakes can we make while checking the brake fluid level

Brake fluid is very corrosive. The most classic mistake is spilling it while handling it. For example, if we have to open the brake fluid cap on the handlebar, take a good look at the position of the handlebar, if it is tilted to the left, it may spill. Always look at it with the handlebar straight. When opening the covers it is possible that some liquid will spill and remain deposited on the adjusting rubbers. To prevent it from falling on the handlebar or the area of ​​the chassis where the rear boat is anchored, surround the surface with some paper or a cloth.

Problems while checking the motorcycle's brake fluid

The brake fluid level It must be between the minimum and maximum marks that you will see in their respective containers. As the pads wear out, the hydraulic circuit increases in capacity and the fluid level drops. It is normal for you to refill it when the pills are reaching the end of their life if you see that it is touching the minimum. But you must bear in mind that when you change the pads, the circuit will be smaller again and you will have excess liquid and you will have to extract it from the tank carefully so as not to spill it.

Don’t be confused with him Proper DOT of Brake Fluid, do not mix them. On the brake fluid reservoir caps you always have the appropriate DOT reference for your motorcycle.

Errors that we can make when changing brake pads

The change motorcycle brake pads it does not usually have too many problems … As long as you have the right tool and do not get confused with the reference of the new brake pads. In this last point, take a good look at the composition of the tablets, if you are going to use them for sports, tourist and urban use. Softer pads will give you more bite but will last less.

When you disassemble the old pads pay special attention and clean and save all the elements, especially the through bolt, the parts that fit the pads to the inside of the caliper (small irons that have a mounting position and that serve to make the pads are well fixed in position) and the heat sinks that some motorcycles have at the base of the pads. If you have a weak memory, take photos.

Another typical mistake, well this can be applied to all “DIYers”, is go squeezing things. Best torque wrench, you have them on the market at a good price and you will find the tightening torques either in the Haynes book on your motorcycle or in Internet forums.

When before giving the last tighten to the calipers, carefully approach the pads by pressing the brake lever or pedal and also so that the caliper and disc are perfectly aligned.

Problems in the maintenance of the brakes of your motorcycle

Do not contaminate the discs and pads with oil or other products

We like to clean all the corners of the inside of the motorcycle’s brake calipers when we have the pads outside. It is best to use a specific cleaner, but it is not a question of getting all the dirt on the discs. Better do it carefully and protecting the work area with paper.

Be very careful if you use cleaning products that are also lubricants, for example the rescue WD40.

When mounting the pads, avoid touching the contact surface of the pad, the one that touches the disc. And much less if you have dirty or greasy hands or gloves.

Valve for bleeding the motorcycle's brakes

Errors in bleeding or replacing the brake fluid

On bleeding or replacing the brake fluid the main mistake is “getting into gardens” that you cannot control. The procedure is simple, but you must be very careful not to introduce air – or more air! in the circuit and that the remedy is worse than the disease.

The best thing is to find someone to help you, because sometimes it is not easy to control the flow of the liquid through the bleed screw and, at the same time, continue to pour clean and new liquid through the tank so that it does not run out and start to enter air.

Another mistake is not having a macaroni to introduce into the bleeder valve, better if it is transparent so that you can see the liquid that comes out and, above all, that it does not remain empty either so that air does not enter, especially at the beginning when a depression occurs when pumping with the lever or the brake pedal. There are some one-way valves that are inserted into the macaroni and that will prevent air from entering the return phase of the lever. They are very economical and it is a very good investment for a correct purging of the circuit.

If your motorcycle has combined braking the purging procedure can be complicated. Make sure you know how to do it.

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