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Marc Márquez: Victory at the Superprestigio Dirt Track in Barcelona

25 mayo, 2021
marc marquez superprestigio solo moto

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Pilots’ statements after the Super Prestige Dirt Track in Barcelona

Marc Marquez (Honda): “Second victory in the Superprestigio Dirt Track, in an edition that has been one of the most even that I remember. I am very happy with the result. Toni made it very difficult for me, I was very surprised by his pace. With the high level of competitiveness that had been, there have been a lot of touches in the pisto, but I am very happy that everyone is well ”.

Toni Elías (Suzuki): “I did not expect to reach the Superfinal, and I have to thank my team for the great work. It was a perfect day, in the Superfinal I was able to maintain a pace that I did not expect and second place makes me very happy. Whenever I tried to get closer to Marc, he answered me, so second place was the maximum I could aspire to today. Congratulations to the organization for this show! ”.

Brad Baker (Honda): “Despite the result, I had a great time, and I really enjoyed it. Coming to Barcelona always makes me happy. The truth is that I have not felt comfortable with the track at any time, and this has made me lose those tenths of a second that are the key to winning. I want to thank the entire organization for their extraordinary work. The level of the riders amazes me year after year, and dirt-track has ceased to be an American sport to become a world sport ”.

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