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Mario Román wins the Sea to Sky Hard Enduro 2019

25 mayo, 2021
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Mario Roman: “After two years of cherishing victory in the Sea to Sky, getting to win this year has been perfect. I have felt very strong since the first day on the beach, where Wade beat me but I have realized the potential I had in that area. The Forest Race did not go so well for me and I lost two minutes in the general classification. This year the group of all times was added ”.

“In other words, not only did he count on getting to Mount Olympus first, but also having had a good performance the previous days. So I kept my concentration and pace, and the Canyon Race recovered three and a half minutes and I was able to take advantage of the second classified by a minute and a half, which gave me guarantees that I could reach the finish line more relaxed if Wade stalked me. Still, I felt stronger than him and Graham and led 90% of the race. Maximum satisfaction and we leave with the feeling of a job well done, since the bike worked better than the other years thanks to the work of the team and S3 ”.

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