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Márquez-Rea duel in Jerez (video)

30 mayo, 2021
Duelo Marquez Rea video

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A few weeks ago, in fact it was in the middle of February, the subject of a possible Kawasaki wildcard in MotoGP it was the focus of attention in all the specialized media.

Although shortly after the own Jonathan Rea denied that they had requested it, that possibility has already been etched in our minds.

What would happen in the event of a MotoGP-SBK duel? Who would win if we saw Márquez race against Rea?

Well that’s something that we will hardly see come true, but it doesn’t mean we can’t live it any other way.

The youtuber Lachland Epis has posted on his channel a video in which we can watch, through a shared screen, a Márquez-Rea duel in Jerez.

Will Marc’s MotoGP be much faster than Rea’s SBK? Check it out for yourself!

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