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Meet the Onyx CTY and Onyx RCR electric mopeds

25 mayo, 2021

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The Californian start-up presents the Onyx CTY and Onyx RCR, two electric mopeds very vintage and with even more personality.

The inspiration, as you can easily see, it comes from the ancients Vespinos or Derbi Varian that hardly left us stranded in the middle of a road. Basically, because if necessary you could continue pedaling.

The Onyx CTY and Onyx RCR also have pedals. Although in addition to such a ‘classic’ accessory, they are also full of new technologies as an LCD screen and, of course, their respective electric motors with regenerative braking.

The Onyx CTY is the simplest model in terms of equipment and engine. It’s about a 50 cc moped, 3.3 hp of power, 160 Nm of torque and a top speed of 48 km / h.

Onyx CTY

His autonomy may vary between 40 and 65 km, depending mainly on the selected driving mode (Eco, Normal or Sport).

But as modest as it may sound, the Onyx CTY also has multiple USB ports that allow mobile phones or other peripherals to be charged, LCD screen, Bluetooth and even an app that allows you to adjust certain vehicle settings.

The Onyx RCR it goes a little further and offers better performance and autonomy. This model rides a 7.7CV electric drive with a torque of 182 Nm and a top speed of 96 km / h.

Onyx RCR

Its 72V battery will allow you to exceed 120 km autonomy. With the RCR you can also choose between three driving modes and, of course, it does not lack the pedals, the regenerative braking not all the currencies of the CTY.

But it is clear that the best asset of both is that, if you run out of battery, nothing happens! You can continue your journey by pedaling.

If these Onyx CTY and Onyx RCR electric mopeds You have liked them and you can buy them on the Onyx website at a special price of $ 1,750 the first and $ 2,450 the second, shipping costs apart.

But first … do you want to see them in action?

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