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Michelin Pilot Road 5 motorcycle tires

25 mayo, 2021
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Michelin has presented its new tires for road and trail bikes Pilot Road 5, geared towards the Sport Touring user segment. The Pilot Road 5 are perfect tires if you use the bike every day and also go out with it on weekends, with a good compromise between agility and durability. According to Michelin, some Pilot Road 5 with 5,000 kilometers offer the same grip as the previous version just mounted.

The key to the new Road 5 is that they are the first motorcycle tires of the French manufacturer to be made with the metal additive technique. Michelin in 2016 bought a company specializing in the production of complex component production tools and is now capable of making molds for very sophisticated drawings such as those of the Road 5. Michelin has already tested this production system in other car compounds such as CrossClimate or the latest generation of its popular Energy, and it is the first time that this system has been used on motorcycles. Metal additive manufacturing technology is now experiencing dramatic growth.

Michelin Pilot Road 5 tires

The treads of the Michelin Road 5 are based on what the French manufacturer calls XST Evo, a combination of lamellae and circular holes that are capable of breaking the film of water that occurs when we roll on a wet road. They have a great drainage capacity which is what prevents the tire from losing contact with the asphalt. These sipes are progressive, which means that they are increasingly wide as the tire wears out, which increases the tread pattern rate and maintains the ability to drain water throughout the life of the tires.

Also the Michelin Road 5 are somewhat lighter than its previous version, because its modern manufacturing process makes it possible to reduce the surplus of raw material.

Compared to the Pilot Road 4, the new generation of Michelin sport touring tires have new elastomers and formulations. The Forward It has two types of silica compounds, one for the tread and another for the shoulders, ensuring improved handling and reducing understeer.

The rear tire It combines a silica compound in the tread, with a higher concentration than the front one to favor wear resistance, with a black carbon compound in the shoulders of the tires. In this way, a greater grip in the dry and a greater feel in the wet has been achieved, since the shoulders of the tire hardly come into contact with the asphalt in wet conditions.

The Michelin Road 5 have a compound that provides the shoulders of the tire with varying degrees of stiffness to ensure stability and grip both when cornering and straight. Michelin also emphasizes that its tires are designed to offer the best grip throughout the life of the tire, offering a type of rubber that will adapt to wear conditions despite the kilometers traveled.

In this article we offer you some tips to properly control the pressure of your motorcycle tires.

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